The Rabbit

Rabbits are good-natured and harmonious
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Chinese animal zodiac sign Rabbit
Photo: © Chinese animal zodiac sign Rabbit

The Rabbit zodiac sign is very sensitive. They like to be surrounded by beautiful things. Therefore, their taste in home decor and fashion is usually elegant and refined. However, sometimes the Rabbits' luxurious outlook can be hedonistic.

This sign is very diplomatic...


In search of freedom, they try to avoid quarrels and disputes. Fortunately for them, they usually don't get into many arguments, but if they do, they know exactly which course of action to take. Rabbits help out their companions and show an incredible amount of empathy. They don't mean any harm.

The routine of everyday life does not interest them. They get lost in daydreams and ruminate on the mysteries of life. They can be very critical of themselves, which sometimes makes them uncertain. They don't always like to show how they are feeling.

The Rabbit is very intelligent, and therefore they can easily manifest their desires into reality without relying on others. 

They are at home when it comes to the fine arts, financial matters and diplomacy. Rabbits are capable of having a lot of professional success.

...and also romantic!

Rabbits will do anything for love. Romance and relationships mean everything to the Rabbit, which is why they rarely exude quarrelsome behavior.

Rabbits are most compatible with Goats, Sheep, Pigs and Dogs. They are least compatible with Roosters, as they have a hard time overcoming their differences with this sign.

10 things about the Chinese Zodiac Rabbit


Great Match:
Goat, Pig

Good Match:
Dog, Ox, Snake, Rabbit, Monkey

Decent Match:
Rat, Dragon, Tiger, Horse

Bad Match:

The Five Elements of the Rabbit

Wood Rabbit

Wood Rabbit

This breed prefers to feel the ground beneath their feet. Those born in wood years have lots of conviction and certainty. They gain material and non-material goods in an ethical manner - their efforts are lucrative but also sustainable. They are open-minded toward development and improvement, and they present their ideas with persuasion and assertion.

The Wood Rabbit want to be everybody’s favorite. They seek harmony and display lots of empathy toward others. They are consistent and motivated to reach their goals. This type of Rabbit especially never means any harm.

Fire Rabbit

Fire Rabbit

This element is passionate, ambitious and fiercely competitive. Those born in fire years are often strong and confident, but they can also be impatient. They are able to defy the odds, but sometimes need to keep their ego in check, as their dominant personality is not always welcome. They tend to gravitate toward improvement and innovation. When it comes to career, fire-born individuals show tremendous leadership potential.


The element of fire breaks through the Rabbit’s usual reservations, though this breed also experiences more conflict than the other types. Fire Rabbits are very aware of their own emotions and thus they know how to handle interpersonal matters well. However, if they feel disappointed sometimes they show their temper. They crave popularity in their social circles.

Earth Rabbit

Earth Rabbit

Those born in Earth years are intelligent and responsible, and can be more on the traditional side. They have lots of common sense and avoid situations that are too risky or adventurous. They are highly practical and logical.

Earth Rabbits are more reasonable and level-headed than their conspecifics, though this sign is generally very thoughtful and considerate.

Metal Rabbit

Metal Rabbit

Those who were born in metal years are strong, firm and principled. They stay calm and in control when others are upset, as they are able to handle challenging situations. They are obstinate and ambitious - metal personalities aren't afraid to use their imagination, but they are also very goal-oriented. 


Contrary to the other Rabbit types, the metal Rabbit is rigid and firm - this type is not easily destabilized by difficulties. They have a clear and logical approach, which makes them responsible and grounded. Similar to all Rabbits, they are emotional and feel things very deeply.

Water Rabbit

Water Rabbit

Water is adaptable to change  (unlike metal, for example, which shows more resistance). Variability, flexibility and interdependence are core qualities of this element. Water makes for an inquisitive mind that enjoys learning and mental stimulation. Those born in water years are sensitive and communicative, as they have a strong sense of intuition. They tend to have a more passive approach and can sometimes get tired easily.

The element of water makes the Rabbit react much more sensitively and heightens its already empathetic nature. This type of Rabbit is very intuitive - if they sense any trouble on the horizon, they know exactly when to walk away.



Hours ruled by the Rabbit :
5 am - 7 am

Cardinal direction : east

Season:  spring

Month : March

Element : wood

Zodiac sign : Pisces

Positive traits : empathetic, peaceful, diplomatic, good-natured, self-aware, romantic, intelligent

Negative traits : dreamy, uncertain, hedonistic

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