Pluto Causes Power Struggles while Jupiter Provides Happiness

The Great Annual 2022 Horoscope for Cancerians
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Cancer Horoscope 2022
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Effects of the Most Important Planets on Sun Sign Cancer in 2022

Saturn: No Major Obstacles

Saturn is the planet surrounded by rings which constrict and limit, and thus in some ways is the opposite of Jupiter, which expands all. Saturn can bring us into difficult situations when there are tense aspects, which is why we need a great deal of self-discipline and self-control to overcome them. With favourable aspects, however, stability takes over with a good sense of security in life.

Saturn is in Aquarius throughout 2022 , which is why the angle of the quincunx is formed towards the Sun of Cancer, which can be called a neutral aspect, since the angular distance of 150 degrees is made up of the positive ⚹extile (60 degrees) and the challenging square (90 degrees). This is why good opportunities, as well as possible challenges could arise, which then have to be overcome.

Also, Saturn is in the 8th solar house of Cancer, the house of sexuality, power, assertion, but also of endings and new beginnings in some area . This can also concern inheritance, common possessions, as well as self-renewal.

Uranus: Social Commitment is now Rewarded

Uranus is the planet of individuality, suddenness, revolution, independence and progress. It always makes its presence felt unexpectedly, either in a pleasant sense, or not at all according to our ideas. Uranus stirs things up when he sees fit, and as far as we are concerned, we must then try to master the situations that come our way through possible changes.

Uranus continues to be in the sign of Taurus throughout 2022 . As the sign of Taurus is ruled by Venus, the areas of relationships and finances are also affected, as well as our self-worth and self-value. And since for those born in Cancer, there is the angle or aspect of the auspicious ⚹extile to their Sun, there could be gratifying changes this year that should be taken advantage of. This is the year to believe in yourself and stop sympathizing with tragedies that have occured in the past. It is time to be strong within oneself and have courage and confidence!

In addition, Uranus is in the 11th solar house of Cancer , which is why special attention is also drawn to this area of life this year, and this house is the house of friendship, groups, ethics, social commitment and goals . So one should pay more attention to these areas this year. The reward for this commitment will come, if not immediately, then later.

Neptune: He Too Calls for Charity

In classical Roman mythology, Neptune was the god of the sea (in Greek mythology, he is known as the great Poseidon), and he rules the tide which is never 100% stable, and in astrology he also stands for the processes of change. Nothing is certain on earth, everything is constantly subject to change, and this also affects our attitudes, beliefs and ways of life. But it is also the planet of charity, divine love, intuition and sensitivity . On a low level, however, he is also the planet of deception, disappointment, self-deception, greed and deceit. Neptune also rules all addictions, because addictions ultimately also have to do with escaping from reality and with self-deception. Neptune influences us in a way in which we want to escape when troubles become too overbearing!

Neptune continues to be in Pisces in 2022 and therefore forms a pleasing trine to Cancer, which is why Neptune's positive qualities could also make themselves felt, which you should also make use of this year. It is a wonderful year to commit yourself to the nurturing of others, including yourself in charity efforts and even exploring water sports of all kinds!

In addition, Neptune is in the 9th solar house of Cancer, the house of ideals and spiritual goals, culture, religion, philosophy, law, striving for freedom , distant foreign countries, and perhaps the 2nd house of marriage. So, these areas of life should be given special attention to this year.

Pluto: Don't Get Involved in a Power Struggle

Pluto was the god of the underworld in Roman mythology (in Greek mythology he is known as Poseidon's and Zeus' brother, Hades); he was considered mysterious and dark. He is the co-ruler of the sign Scorpio (in traditional astrology Mars used to rule Scorpio, alongside Aries). The changes he brings about can be extraordinarily profound for us. He is the planet of higher power, of might, of radical transformation, and also of passion. It can make people obstinate and stubborn, but it can also interest them in the mysterious, the mystical, the occult, and the magical. Plutonian people are also intensely committed to renewal and change. However, the darker side of Pluto brings upon revenge, jealousy and obsession

Pluto continues to be in Capricorn in 2022. It forms the angle of opposition throughout 2022, which can be a challenging one, which is why you should act cautiously when it comes to power issues in the professional sphere , for example, as you would certainly lose out in disputes. This also applies especially to authorities. But with reason and giving in, Pluto has no effect and you then emerge victorious . Be aware that the Capricorn opposition influence will constantly be whispering "tick, tock, tick, tock," in your ear. This is the year to make sure you are on time for meetings and appointments, especially with those who hold great power.

Moreover, Pluto is in the 7th solar house of Cancer , the house of partnership, marriage, personal relationships, and also business ones. Contracts are also part of this. So these areas should be particularly nurtured by Cancers this year. If you have dates with a romantic partner, be sure to be on time or they may pull away!

Jupiter: In Summer, Cancerians May Get Cocky

Jupiter, the great planet of luck , stands for growth and expansion in all areas of life, as well as for happy circumstances that seem to come of their own accord. Which we always long for, but these wonderful Jupiter times don't always happen. Jupiter is known as Zeus in Greek mythology, the greatest of all the gods. When there are tense aspects with Jupiter, we should beware of cockiness, exaggeration, presumption and overconfidence. But above all, we should beware of over-optimistic and over-dimensioned decisions, because then the thing with growth could turn into the opposite, namely...debt!

Jupiter is in the following zodiac signs in 2022:

  • From 1 January - 10 May  in Pisces
  • From 11 May - 28 October  in Aries
  • From 29 October - 20 December  in Pisces
  • And from 21 December until well into 2023  again in Aries

When Jupiter moves through Pisces , a conducive trine is formed for Cancer, which is why pleasing events can be expected . Some things can happen as if by themselves, but the good opportunities that could arise and that should also be recognized must then also be used. Also, Jupiter is in the 9th solar house of Cancer at this time, the house of ideals and spiritual goals, religion, philosophy, law, striving for freedom , culture, distant foreign countries, and perhaps the 2nd house of marriage. So these areas of life should be given special attention this year.

Be aware that when Jupiter is in Pisces, boundaries disappear, so this is a time for spiritual connection and a feeling of "one-ness" to each other. However, due to lack of boundaries, one needs to watch overindulgences in food, alcohol and gambling. With a double water effect of Pisces and Cancer, and Pisces representing nature, one also needs to be wary of illnesses where water can fill the lungs, so keep an eye on that and see a doctor immediately if any symptoms such as coughing excessively arise.

When Jupiter is in Aries , a square is formed for the Cancerians, which is why one should now beware of exaggerations, overconfidence and the so-called megalomaniac decisions , which would then turn out to be wrong. But with reason and balanced considerations, Jupiter will also be helpful at this time. Moreover, during this period, Jupiter is in the 10th house of Cancer, the house of publicity, honours, career and personal development, so once again attention is drawn to the importance of this area. Rash decisions should be avoided in professional matters, but everything should be considered well and thoroughly, several times over.

Mars Promotes Initiative in April and May

In classical Roman mythology Mars is the god of war who loved bloodshed (his Greek counterpart was the god Ares), to put it drastically, and as such he continues to express himself in many ways in the world of men. His character ranges from positive boldness to brutality and aggressiveness. But he is basically - and not misguidedly - the planet of energy, power, initiative, courage, enterprise and self-assertion. In the area of relationships, he is the part that then sets the active impulse, along with the feminine attraction. He is also involved in procreation and the act of birth. Mars is responsible for accepting challenges and conquering them and the excitement that comes from that!

The best times for Mars, with lots of energy, health and enterprise , are the following for Cancerians:

  • 17 April-24 May
  • 6 July-20 August

Venus: The Goddess Bestows These Best Times for Love

Venus was the goddess of love for the Romans and was endowed with qualities such as tenderness, gentleness, loving, artistic sophistication and creativity, sensitivity, beauty-conscious, creativity and diplomacy. In Greek mythology she was known as the beautiful goddess Aphrodite. Venus rules close partnerships, especially marriage. She is also the representative of harmony, beauty, art, luxury, possessions and finances. These positive qualities are very popular. With tense aspects and irritability, however, she can - as a balance to Mars - also develop negative character traits such as jealousy, aggressiveness, envy, laziness and insatiability.

From 2 January-28 January Venus is retrograde . During this time the love area may be put to the test, but real genuine love will prove itself there too. Old loves (including those from our past lives) may make a reappearance now.

The best Venus times for love, harmony, beauty, art and finances for Cancerians are:

  • 6 April-2 May
  • 29 May-23 June
  • 19 July-11 August
  • 6 September-29 September
  • 24 October-16 November

Mercury in Triumph and Defeat for Cancer

Mercury rules all forms of communication, be it physical, mental or spiritual. It loves short journeys, as this alone means you can always experience many new things. Mercury is the only planet that combines both masculine and feminine qualities. Mercury wants to learn everything worth knowing, but is considered superficial because he has no patience to go into depth, as he is already chasing after something new.

During Mercury's retrograde, which occurs three to four times a year, special care should be taken, because during these times the communication area is often disturbed. One also needs to be very careful on the road. These times are:

  • 15 January-4 February
  • 19 May-2 June
  • 10 September-1 October
  • 29 December-17 January 2023

The best Mercury times for jobs, finances and mental work are for Cancerians:

  • 11 March-27 March
  • 12 April-29 April
  • 24 May-13 June
  • 6 July-19 July
  • 5 August-26 August
  • 24 September-10 October
  • 30 October-17 November


Dear Cancer!

Good luck for all the greatest success in health, love, happiness and fortune for the year 2022!

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