Jupiter Horoscope 2022 for Cancer: A Year of Spiritual Growth

Cancer Is Now Working Actively on Its Spiritual Goals
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Cancer in the Jupiter Year 2022
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Jupiter is in Pisces for most of the year and promotes the spiritual goals of Cancer - you may be taken by wanderlust!

Find out how Jupiter relates to your sign in the new year and when your lucky times are.

All about the special meaning of Jupiter

Jupiter Opportunities for Cancer ♋

1st phase: From 1 January 2022 – 10 May 2022, Jupiter stays in Pisces

This creates a beautiful Trine aspect between Jupiter and Cancer's Natal Sun. Jupiter resides in the ultimate Water sign – Pisces, which Trines and unites with the most sensitive Water sign – Cancer. It's like lovers or good friends, holding hands and dancing under a full moon on the beach at night, while the crabs come out to play and the fish silently watch! This is why there are excellent opportunities now in all areas of life through Jupiter, which one should consciously use. Many a good thing will also occur, as if it were out of thin air!

During this time, Jupiter sits comfortably in the 9th house of Cancer (the house of Sagittarius), and this means that one should concentrate on the following areas of life: Ideals and spiritual goals, religion, philosophy, law, higher education, traveling far abroad, as well as learning about and experiencing different cultures and the food they have to offer!

2nd phase: From 11 May 2022 – 28 October 2022, Jupiter stays in Aries

In this phase, a Square aspect is created, which explains why one should beware of too much ego, craving too much attention, bossiness, and impulsivity that can lead to danger. However, if you are careful during this time, you will get through it well. Remember that Square aspects always teach (often through challenging, yet important, lessons).

Jupiter sits in the 10th solar house of Cancer, which will affect one's career, public appearance, personal development, ambitions in life, prestige, honors, and father. It is the house of Capricorn, so as Cancer rules this house at the moment, it is not entirely comfortable, since Capricorn is naturally its opposite on the Zodiac wheel – where Cancer is the mother, Capricorn is the father. You'll likely experience a bit of upset from time to time, but your emotional maturity leads the way, as you find your way to more positive experiences.

3rd phase: From 29 October 2022 – 20 December 2022, Jupiter returns to Pisces

Aspect and solar house again by repeating similar patterns experienced as in 1st phase.

4th phase: From 21 December 2022 – 16 May 2023, Jupiter returns to Aries

Aspect and solar house again by repeating similar patterns experienced as in 2nd phase.

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