Sun in Gemini: How This Affects You

When the Sun Shines Through the Air
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Sun in gemini
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The Sun smiles when it enters Gemini as it feels comfortable. Here you can think of the two energies as Leo and Gemini holding hands and creating a lot of new dynamics in the world. This is a very positive transit.

Gemini's Mythology 

This Sun sign is ruled by the planet Mercury, the fastest-moving planet. In Greek mythology, Mercury is Hermes, the swiftest of all the Greek gods. Hermes had the ability to travel between worlds, from the world of the Greek gods, to the mortals and the Underworld, ruled by Hades. When mortals passed away, Hermes guided their souls to the Underworld.


How will the Sun in Gemini Affect 2024?

Well, it's a good thing that the Sun soon enters Gemini, as negotiations should take place in the world, especially when dealing with politics. Now is a time when communication should open between many different nations and there will be an overflow of information pouring out of news channels and social media.

Fashion Trends

Gemini rules trends, especially when it comes to fashion! So you'll be seeing a lot of little white dresses, sky blue clothes, sheer layering, belts that make a statement, micro shorts, and Mary Jane Flats shoes.   

Sun in gemini
Photo: © midjourney

Transport in 2024

Gemini also rules transport. So what will happen when the Sun enters Gemini? Well Tesla is doing extremely well, as people are more and more concerned about the environment. For those wanting to purchase cars, this is a perfect time to do so, as you will find great deals on cars. If you have wanted to go for driving lessons, now is the time to do so! Some cars that are popular this year are the Ford F-Series, Honda CR-V, and Tesla Model Y.


It is also a great time to travel and see parts of the world you haven't visited yet. See what bargains you can get now, before the July holidays when plane tickets are sky-high!

Siblings and Neighbors

When the Sun enters Gemini, it's important to connect with siblings, travel, and visit them, even if they live in different countries than you. Connecting with neighbors will be important, and any disputes you may have had in the past should smoothen over now, and they or you should put effort into mending any broken relationships. 


Now is the time to apply yourself to new courses of study. You may want to learn new languages, carry on with previous studies or even learn new languages. Social media courses and digital marketing may attract you. You may be inspired to teach as well and could enter a teaching diploma course or apply to teach a school or university. If you are currently at school or college, your mind will be super sharp and focused now.

How the Sun in Gemini Affects Different Signs


Fire Signs

The Sun in Gemini affects Aries and Leo positively , making Aries more active and moving faster and quicker in everyday life. Leo's thought processors move quickly, and they become more creative and come up with dynamic ideas. The spotlight should be on them during this time, as they will do well giving speeches to big audiences and appearing on stage or in front of the camera. Sagittarians  may have a harder time as they oppose Gemini. However, it is a good time for them to travel and study.  

Earth Signs

The Earth signs find Air's energy a bit challenging, and this is the case with Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn . When the Sun enters Gemini, it encourages Taureans to get out of their comfort zones and socialize more. Virgo gets a bit agitated during this time as Gemini's energy encourages them to think a lot and apply mental energy to all they do. Their nerves may feel strained during this time. This is a good energy for Capricorns to hold meetings at work; however it is not the best time to ask for a promotion - that should wait for periods when there are great Jupiter transits, or when Venus trines their Sun.


Air Signs

Of course, all Air signs benefit from the Sun in Gemini! Every great quality of Gemini is enhanced from 21st May till 21st June. Geminis should apply for job positions now, enroll in studies, buy new cars, and travel! Librans should connect with as many people as possible and make the most of their social interactions. If they are in a relationship, now is the time to voice any concerns in through harmonious communication. Aquarians will be inspired with great ideas and should communicate with those at work. It's also a good time to connect with siblings. They may also feel inspired to buy a new car that incorporates a lot of technology. 


The Sun in Gemini is a wonderful time to connect. So go out, connect with neighbors and siblings, travel, buy a new car if need be, and apply to a new college course if you would like. Enjoy your friends, and follow your instinct when inspired by great ideas. Most importantly, write down ideas, and if you are a writer, it is a wonderful time to start a novel or write some blogs!


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