Aquarius Monthly Horoscope December

These are the stars for the zodiac sign Aquarius in December 2017

Love and partnership

Horoscope Love | Photo: ©

It's possible that you feel insecure and not able to cope with every conversation in the coming weeks.

Pay attention that this insecurity does not turn into aggression and that you do not take it out on people close to you. Don't always play the victim.

Working life

Horoscope work | Photo: ©
highwaystarz -

Tensions at work are possible in the coming weeks.

Your ideas and suggestions are not always welcome. There might even be some envy amongst your colleagues who show their aggression repeatedly. Show these colleagues some tolerance and understanding and avoid arrogant flights of fancy; you can defuse one or two situations like that.


Horoscope health | Photo: ©
Romolo Tavani -

You need to exercise with great care in the next weeks.

Your energy and your stamina are not the problem; you just tend to overdo things at the moment. Avoid acting hastily, especially if you want to prove something to yourself or to others. Ease into your fitness programme; it is not the right time for working to capacity.

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