Daily horoscope - September 2016

Your stars for every day in September
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1st September Horoscope

On September 1st 2016: Aries, don't be too strict with yourself, when something's going wrong and Virgo needs some extraordinary family assistance.

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2nd September Horoscope

On September 2nd 2016: Sagittarius, be gentle and calm... for Aquarius the spell sounds to postpone business decisions for this day.  

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3rd September Horoscope

On 3rd September 2016, Virgo could fulfill her longings by her confident charisma and Libra appears in his perfect way this day... 

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4th September Horoscope

On September 4th 2016, Gemini, be cautious when dealing with money, while Pisces finances go through turbulences.

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5th September Horoscope

On September 5th 2016, Scorpio achieves attention and Capricorn is welcome when she comes.

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6th September Horoscope

On September 6th 2016 Pisces has some difficulties to find relaxation and for Aquarius it would be recommended to avoid unpleasant experience regarding finances.

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7th September Horoscope

On September 7th 2016: Cancer faces sucessfully rivalry and Capricorn feels a strong energetic drive. 

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8th September Horoscope

On September 8th 2016, Cancer enjoys the company of others and Gemini are confronted with an unexpected and challenging situation.

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9th September Horoscope

On September 9th 2016, Leo should spend time with his partner and for Virgo it’s a good time to realise an investment.

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10th September Horoscope

On September 10th 2016, fate is supporting Libra and Scorpio should go out to make friends.

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11th September Horoscope

On September 11th 2016, new things could happen for Sagittarius, and Capricorn is willing to take risks.

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12th September Horoscope

On September 12th 2016, for Pisces is not a good day for financial adventures and Aquarius should talke with his partner.

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13th September Horoscope

On September 13th 2016, Gemini and Aries have a difficult job.

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14th September Horoscope

On September 14th 2016, Libra should go out to make new friends and Leo is in good shape.

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15th September Horoscope

On September 15th 2016 Gemini should approach any new venture with caution and Virgo should allow herself to be enthusiastic.

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16th September Horoscope

Today is a Full Moon! Gemini find the idea of meeting new people difficult and Sagittarius is faced with complicated issues.

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17th September Horoscope

On September 17th 2016, Libra has a good time in her relationship, Taurus feels self-assured.

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18th September Horoscope

On September 18th 2016, maybe Pisces receive an invitations and Gemini have trouble at work.

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19th September Horoscope

On September 19th 2016, Leo is confronted with seemingly unsolvable problems and Sagittarius has a tough time at work.

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20th September Horoscope

On September 20th 2016 Scorpio should'nt be too severe with himself, Capricorn feels attractive.

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21st September Horoscope

On September 21st 2016, Cancer should  intensify contacts to people and maybe Sagittarius has problems with his finances.

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22nd September Horoscope

 On September 22nd 2016, Libra should invest time in deepening her sense of inner peace and Pisces should avoid complicated deals or risky investments.

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23rd September Horoscope

On September 23th 2016, Gemini are having a good time in their relationship and nothing can stop Leo.

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24th September Horoscope

Today Taurus feels like he is walking through a minefield and Aries feels a bit weary.

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25th September Horoscope

On September 25th 2016, Cancer is confronted with an unexpected and challenging situation and Gemini are having a good time with family.

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26th September Horoscope

For Lion September 26th 2016 is perfect to make his dreams a reality and Virgo should spend time with her partner.

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27th September Horoscope

On September 27th 2016 fate is supporting Scorpio and Libra founds new self-confidence.

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28th September Horoscope

On September 28th 2016, Capricorn should approach new things with an inner calmness and Sagittarius should go out with familiy or friends.

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29th September Horoscope

On September 29th 2016, Pisces are confronted with an unexpected and challenging situation, Aquarius could make a small investment.

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30th September Horoscope

On September 30th 2016, Taurus should make a compromise, Aries is reacting irritably towards people in his private sphere.

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