Leo Weekly Horoscope cw 27

These are the stars for the zodiac sign Leo this week

Love and partnership

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Don't take your irritability out on your lover!

Ill-considered outbursts will not help rid you of your frustration, but instead hurt the people who care about you most. Far better you talk openly with your partner or close friend and try to find the reason for your inner turmoil. Caution for singles; don't flirt at the moment – you couldn't bear to be rejected by anyone!

Working life

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You are easily distracted which is partly due to the provocative conduct of your colleagues but also due to your irritability.

Uncontrolled outbursts of temper are clearly unwarranted and likely to lead to further obstacles being placed in your way. If you're interested in your career you should look out for possible conflicts and make sure you avoid them if you can.


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Suppressed anger weighs heavily on your mind, leading to frustration and restlessness.

You should be looking for an outlet to improve your performance; extreme weightlifting or exercise at the gym, an extensive tour on your bike, even some martial arts training. When you're feeling less tense, dedicate yourself to your inner balance, you'll find Yoga and Tai-Chi helpful.

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