Leo Weekly Horoscope cw 10

These are the stars for the zodiac sign Leo this week

Love and partnership

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The pressure of your circumstances has a negative influence on your private life.

Small misunderstandings seem to infuriate you. You won't solve your problems by shouting at those you care about most. Refrain from such outbursts and acting in an emotional way. After all, your lover is not necessarily at fault! Level-headedness and self-control can ease the situation.

Working life

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Life is constantly throwing new challenges your way.

It seems as if you have to prove yourself again and again. Tasks that lay ahead can't easily be handled by your normal routine. The extra effort required is tedious and stressful, which is one reason why you'll feel rather touchy and slightly irritable. Nevertheless, keep a cool head – otherwise you'll just make things worse.


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You don't know where your head is at - due to all the anxiety you're experiencing.

Feeling so ill at ease, you should be especially careful before any strains or accidents occur. If you can take some time out and consciously indulge in a calm and relaxing weekend. You should reschedule projects, plan workouts ahead and chat about how you're feeling with your family or partner.

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