Magical May 23: Your Day of Luck and Love Under the Sagittarius Full Moon

Experience the powerful union of Venus and Jupiter for love, luck and positive energy
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Today could be a lucky day
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It certainly is, this May 23, 2024 , and for many of us it really will be an absolute love or lucky day . Not only is it a full moon, this time a full moon in Sagittarius on this day, which always indicates the peak of a development, but on this day the love planet Venus is very much in play with several lucky connections, as well as Neptune as a representative of higher, divine love. Venus is not only the representative of love, but also the planet of beauty, art, all beautiful things, including luxury, and it is also the celestial body of wealth and finance.

It is also unusual that on this day there are only positive connections between the planets as far as the general aspects of the day are concerned, as this does not happen very often either. These positive effects therefore apply to all zodiac signs and we should make use of them. They can be felt by everyone, even if some of us are having to cope with difficult individual constellations. Although this does not cancel them out, the positive effects predominate on this day and should therefore definitely be used. After all, we all have a right to happiness.


And who says we have a right to happiness? First and foremost the angels of happiness, because that is where this message comes from. After all, it is in their interest that we are happy, because this radiates and passes on a lot of positivity for the benefit of all.

And now let's start with the full moon.

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Full moon in Sagittarius

The Sun is in Gemini and the Moon is opposite it in Sagittarius, which means it is in opposition. The position of the full moon is always an opposition, and the opposites of the two signs, which are opposite each other, always come into play. And Gemini, in which the Sun is currently located, is opposed by the sign Sagittarius, in which the Moon is now located. This is why the characteristics of these two signs, which are always opposites, come to the fore.

Let us now briefly point out the characteristics of these two signs, Sagittarius and Gemini. Sagittarius represents the ideal interests, as its planet is Jupiter, the highest of the planets. Religion, philosophy, ethics, law, higher education and high social interests are therefore very important to Sagittarius. However, they are often accused of arrogance because some Sagittarians imagine themselves to be the greatest of men.


The twins are quite different. Their planet is Mercury, the planet of communication, which is interested in everything that comes its way. This is why they are often accused of superficiality and sensationalism. He is, so to speak, the journalist, the reporter who is "responsible" for the headlines every day.

So these are the opposites of these two characters. And the learning factor for all of us is that we learn the good sides of the other and avoid the negative ones as much as possible. - The next Full Moon will then be in Cancer on June 22, 2024, and then we will discuss the opposites of the signs Cancer and Capricorn.

The effect of the Full Moon in Sagittarius

Jupiter will now trigger a surge of idealism and Mercury will make it easy to make contact. And since love planet Venus is also in play, love will awaken in us, be it through new relationships in first-time encounters - or even with old lovers. Venus is now irresistible. Incidentally, she is moving into Gemini today and will therefore be pampering the air signs Gemini, Aquarius and Libra in the near future, as well as Aries and Leo in particular. But since Neptune is also in the mix, this lucky day applies to all signs.


We would also like to discuss the conjunction between Venus and Jupiter, which only occurs once a year. This time, the conjunction takes place in Gemini.

Venus in very close conjunction with Jupiter

This conjunction between Venus and Jupiter is probably the most pleasant there is, but unfortunately it only lasts one day. It brings about a wonderful emotional mood. All relationships are affected, be they private, business or social. We are optimistic, generous and treat everyone with warmth and friendliness.

Financial areas are also positively affected. We could also experience a lucky streak on this day. Wouldn't be bad, would it?

Of course, luxury is also involved and we should therefore be careful not to get too carried away. And the aforementioned emotional warmth will of course also have a positive effect on our relationships. It's the best time for love relationships. As I said, this time only lasts one day.

But if you get married today, your marriage will be under the good influences of Venus and Jupiter!

We wish you all a wonderful day!


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