The Mother

The card represents femininity and fertility.

The card

Midst lush green fields beneath the shady apple-tree - rich of ripe apples – there sits a young woman with a little child. In the background you can see a house. This tarot card shows our rich and prosperous life in security.

The Mother - Meaning



The card represents femininity and fertility. It symbolizes energy of life and refers to the renewal of the blossoms of life. The mother has creative strength. She looks after her family and protects them – and senses the energy of life. This card shows that something new will start or happen - prosperity and femininity. Femininity is in the focus now and the part of the mother becomes importance with consideration of the family, friends, the career and projects. Sensitivities about new horizons and emotionality emerge by experience and new perspective.     

Negative aspects

The balance of the role is important, if not regarding this there is a rough change to negative attributes. So consequently a change could happen from solicitous influence to the obsession to control. A domineering nature, greed, superficiality reinforce the negative side of this card.      


The card shows emotional reinforcement. These senses should be achieved. Within partnership there appears the setting for changes like parenthood or new roles – like a child that grows everyday and learns new things – every day is given an impulse to the whole personality. From acquaintance to friendship and more – every part is possible in this period.


Positive aspect in professional life: projects succeeded in. Success and fertile aspects based on energy. This card sends creativity and power. Enterprises esteem a harmonic atmosphere. Financial support and profit.

Opposite view

Infertility, disharmony, obstruction, oppression, emotinal turmoil, sexuality and stagnation

the Mother - Card of the day

Oh happy day! Go out into nature and sense the beauty of woods, fields and watersides! Or enjoy the flowers in your garden. Your senses are receptive to beauty and harmony.

In the case of working in the office you should open the window and smell the breeze. Any ideas that are realized today show great effects. This is deeply helpful for the profession especially for architects, designers and adorners. The mother is the source of creativity. You are full of energy and love for life!


Creativity, love, fertility, prosperity, femininity, sensuality, motherliness, parenthood, care, vitality, birth, creativity, energy

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