How do you use a pendulum?
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Using a pendulum to see the future is not for impatient, restless people. It requires a steady hand and a great deal of self-discipline. Whenever you ask the pendulum a question, you should have your emotions under control as much as possible so as not to influence the pendulum's answer.

A pendulum is usually a small cone or other weighted object attached to a string. This is held in the hand, ideally also wrapped over the back of the hand. The holder's arm should be well supported on a table or other surface to help avoid unintentional finger movement.


When you use a pendulum, you only ask questions that can be answered with "yes" or "no." When the pendulum turns to the right, it means yes; turning to the left means no. A vertical or upward motion can also mean yes while a downward or horizontal motion means no. 

To use the pendulum, you start with the pendulum in a resting position. After a short time, it begins to move in one direction by itself. This movement is supposed to arise from the subconscious of the person. This subconsciousness expresses itself through minimal muscle movements in the fingers. Conscious steering ruins the result.

That is why it is important to free your mind from all hopes and desires at the beginning of each pendulum session.

Conclusion : Using a pendulum is a clairvoyant method for anyone with practice in meditation and contemplation.


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Since the beginning of mankind, people have tried to get a glimpse of the future. For this purpose, the most diverse techniques and aids such as cards, runes, pendulums and many more are used.