How To Read the Cards

Laying cards yourself is not difficult, but before you start, there are a few preliminary considerations to be made
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Once you have found the right Tarot deck for you, beginners should first take their time and get to know the cards and their meanings a little. The interpretation will then be easier later and symbols that seem daunting at first will be less daunting.

Important preliminary considerations


1. The question

In principle, you can ask the Tarot about almost anything. For example, you can ask it about the development possibilities of a project, about a friendship, professional and private relationships or partnerships , about personal qualities and abilities or about the significance of certain events . Like the I Ching, it also offers special support for upcoming decisions and can point out possible consequences of an action.

Example questions:
Are my partner and I a good match?
Should I accept the new job offer?
Can I trust my boyfriend?

2. Do I play with the cards upside down?

Whether you want to play with upside down cards should be a conscious decision. You can either simply lay cards that appear upside down right side up and interpret them accordingly, or leave them upside down and choose the reverse interpretation, which usually has a negative content. If you decide on variant 1, as many fortune tellers do today, you should keep in mind that every card, as positive as it sounds, contains a small warning.


You will find this warning under the shadow meaning of each card. Too much of a good thing can have a negative effect. We at recommend variant 1, i.e. to simply turn cards that appear upside down and to pay attention to the shadow side of the card. But everyone should choose their own method. No variant is better or worse than the other.

3. Which spread should I choose?

Depending on the question, different spreads can be used. Once you have formulated your question in your mind, you can choose the right system. We have presented some of these systems here.

The preparation

For Tarot card reading you should choose a quiet and relaxed moment . Finally, the cards are either shuffled in your hand or spread out on the table. The latter method is the better choice if you also want to play with the cards turned over.

  Finally, you can take the deck twice with your left hand . If you lay cards for someone else, they should take the cards.
Now, again with the left hand (our side of intuition), the cards are placed one by one in their place in the spread .



The interpretation: Tarot as pictures of the soul

The interpretation can now begin. For this purpose, the cards are revealed one after the other and analysed according to their place and the associated meaning.

It is important to proceed intuitively and subjectively . The importance of card reading lies in our own recognition of connections, feelings and desires . What we were not aware of before now comes to the surface and creates a deeper understanding. The tarot shows us pictures of our soul , they are a mirror of our ego. This is also the point of connection to the theories of the Swiss psychiatrist Carl Gustav Jung (26.07.1875 to 06.061961). Especially his concept of synchronicity expresses very well that there is a parallel between what one interprets from card reading and what actually happens practically in the life of the questioner.

Have fun reading the cards!


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