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There are also different spreading systems for the different questions. Find the right model here!
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The basis for card reading is the selection of a certain spread, in which each card is assigned a place and an associated meaning.
Depending on the question, it is important to consciously select a spread from the numerous different ones. There are traditional spreads such as the Celtic Cross or newer variations and systems. Everyone can also develop their own scheme , the important thing is that the chosen system fits the question. The number of cards can be chosen at will, from one card to all 78 cards.

Questions can be asked, for example, about the possibility of a development, a representation of a present situation, about personal characteristics or for help with an important decision.


The Tarot should not be used for questions about medical care, diagnoses or mental illness. In these cases, a medical professional should be contacted (this applies to all oracles, of course).
In the following we present some common spreads, but feel free to be creative yourself, because your own spreads are certainly best tailored to your personal question.

Certain periods

Single cards:

The simplest spread consists of only one card. From the deck you can, for example, choose a

  • Day card
  • Week card
  • Monthly card or
  • Annual card

can be drawn.

The period is then under the motto of the chosen card.


View periods of time with several cards:

If you wish, you can also look at periods of time in a more differentiated way with the help of the tarot cards.

The weekly reading

If you would like to make a weekly prediction, you can try the following reading. Here a total of 8 cards are drawn, 7 for the individual days of the week from Monday to Sunday and an 8th card as a key card. It is laid out first and shows a summary of the week.


Place 1: Monday
2nd place: Tuesday
3rd place: Wednesday
Place 4: Thursday
5th place: Friday
6th place: Saturday
7th place: Sunday
Middle: Tendency


The reading of the year
With this reading system you can make statements about the course of a year. A total of 13 cards are used here.

1st place: January
2nd place: February
3rd place: March
4th place: April
5th place: May
6th place: June
7th place: July
8th place: August
9th place: September
10th place: October
11th place: November
12th place: December
Rank 13: Tendency


Certain questions

The Celtic Cross

The Celtic Cross is probably the best known spread. It can be used very well for various questions. A total of ten cards are used here. While the pattern is always the same, there are different variations of this system. In these, the places of the cards sometimes have different meanings or some places are reversed. Therefore, the first step is to decide which levels of meaning are to be assigned to which places.

Place 1: The initial situation: This is what it is all about, the current situation
Place 2: The impulse: Crossing obstacles or helping impulses from outside
Place 3: The conscious level: This is recognised, desired
Position 4: The unconscious level: This is felt by the questioner
Rank 5: Recent past: This is the cause of the current situation
Rank 6: Short-term outlook: This is what comes immediately afterwards
Rank 7: The questioner: This is how the questioner sees it
8th place: The environment: This is how others see it
9th place: Hopes and fears of the questioner
Rank 10: Result: Long-term outlook, where it leads to




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