The Fool

The Tarot card stands for the joy of experimentation , the desire to discover and the encounter with something new, something still unknown.

The Fool

The Tarot card stands for the joy of experimentation , the desire to discover and the encounter with something new, something still unknown.

The card

Unconcerned, full of joie de vivre and a thirst for adventure, a child jumps over a tree trunk lying on a river towards new, as yet unknown shores. A small spitz follows him vigilantly and warns of rash actions and dangers.


The Tarot card stands for the joy of experimentation , the desire to discover and the encounter with something new, something still unknown. We fearlessly set out to explore the world and, like children, experience our environment without prejudice and with an open mind. Life seems like a great adventure that we take on confidently and with great joy.

The card also shows an increased striving for freedom and the urge to move and change. We are spontaneous and honest. The child thus encourages us to enjoy the present, to dare to leap forward and to instinctively go our own way.

Archetype of The Fool

The Fool represents the archetype of the free spirit, the eternal optimist embarking on a journey with boundless potential. It signifies the beginning of a new adventure, where innocence and curiosity guide the way. The Fool encourages taking risks and stepping into the unknown with confidence, trusting that the universe will provide. This card also highlights the importance of spontaneity and embracing the present moment without fear of the future. When The Fool appears in a reading, it suggests that the querent should embrace a fresh start, let go of inhibitions, and follow their heart's desires with an open mind.


Negative aspects

The Fool  warns against rushing into new opportunities, as they could prove to be disadvantageous in retrospect. Not everything that seems tempting at first sight will bring us forward. Checking one's own actions is important now, as dangers are easily overlooked. The dark side of the card expresses itself through volatility , irresponsibility , naivety and infantility .


Charming , fun-loving and open : With this mixture we will have no problems meeting new people and potential partners . But it will be difficult to catch us. In the Tarot, the child stands for a great urge for freedom and the desire for new things . Serious relationships and staying in one place for a long time are likely to be rather difficult now. The card rather symbolises short but intense and passionate affairs . The child can bring a breath of fresh air into steady relationships.



Inquisitiveness and the joy of learning drive us. The tarot card The Child stands for a phase in which we want to go on a discovery tour. There is a little scientist in us and we are ready for new knowledge and experiences. But this card also tells us that we are still at the beginning of the path . It means that we are not yet professionals, because our drive is to get to know the world first.

We should only be careful not to let ourselves be carried away into irresponsible and naïve actions.

Opposite view

When The Fool is pulled upside down or in reverse, it often highlights challenges or cautions related to new beginnings, innocence, and adventure. Here is the reversed meaning for The Fool:

Reversed The Fool:

  • Meaning: The reversed Fool suggests recklessness, naivety, or the potential for poor judgment. It indicates that you may be rushing into new situations without proper preparation or consideration, leading to unnecessary risks or mistakes.
  • Challenges: Experiencing a lack of foresight, acting impulsively, or ignoring important warnings and advice.
  • Advice: Take a step back and reassess your plans before moving forward. Be cautious and gather more information to make informed decisions. Avoid making hasty choices and ensure you are well-prepared for the journey ahead. Approach new opportunities with a balanced mix of enthusiasm and prudence, and consider the potential consequences of your actions.

Fool - Card of the day

Surprising turns or new life experiences : Today you should be prepared for something new. Go ahead and let yourself go for it. You feel young and free , so enjoy this day to the fullest and set off for new shores. Nevertheless, look to the left and to the right, otherwise you might miss the mark.

Astrologic correspondence tarot

Uranus, Mercury

I-Ching correspondence tarot

25: Wu Wang / The Innocence


Innocence, risk, the unexpected, openness, new beginnings, indeterminacy, naivety, recklessness, lack of prejudice, humour, instinct, experimentation, optimism, happiness, presence, immaturity, thoughtlessness, spontaneity, enthusiasm, uncertainty, initiative

The great Arkana consists of 22 symbol tarot cards. They represent significant changes of consideration in life. The cards start with “0” and end with “21” – the fulfillment. These cards represent comparably the journey of life.