07. The Captain

The card the captain symbolizes spirit of optimism.

The Captain | Fate Tarot © Verlag Franz

The card

The tarot card captain shows a brave man at the helm of his boat. His precise view is strong and aiming for a purpose. His concentration and skill is heading for new shores.


07. The Captain - Meaning


The card the captain symbolizes spirit of optimism. The need to enter new shores and broaden one’s horizon is decisive.  The card stands for self-determination, thirst of adventure and willingness to assume risks. He acts with sole responsibility and is gaining for an overview. This card balances opposed forces.

Keeping still is not the preferred option. The captain ventures out to the sea. It is a period of release and changing structures and ambitions. Annoying doubts will be thrown away. Meanwhile it is time for a change! To achieve the goal is the heart‘s desire and will be rewarded finally.  

This spirit of optimism is accompanied with the support of one’s family – this would be the ideal case.

Negative aspects

Precipitation, overestimation, carelessness, megalomania and inconsiderateness

This tarot card warns of impetuous and precipitate departures. At this stage people tend to overestimate their skills and facilities considering assumed risks. So it is to be taken into consideration that imprudence, carelessness and megalomania represent the negative or dark sides of the captain. Then he acts inconsiderate and he desires for thirst of adventure.


This card stands for motion in your love life. Maybe one partner desires to develop and is hit by the thirst of adventure. So in this case it brings an end to the relationship but as well it could be the beginning of a fiery affair. On the other hand the mutual development reinforces the current relationship.


In professional life the signs are favourable as well. New occupational field could be seen. Maybe the change to self-employment or the change to something complete different. I dare you! There are attractive incognizant fields to discover.

Opposite view

Defeat, loss of control and loss of ambition

07. The Captain - Card of the day

Today you have the courage to undergo new experiences to start anew and broaden your horizon. The captain represents optimism, frontier spirit and skill. Whatever you fix today you will succeed in. Go outside and discover the world! Be careful with regard to overestimate the risks, maybe you could have a lack of experiences.


Departure, spirit of adventure, skill, readiness to assume a risk, optimism, disentanglement, emancipation, courage, journey, determinedness, victory, restart and control

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7. The Captain

The card the captain symbolizes spirit of optimism.

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