This card stands for a certain phase of life in which we get into the fire line of our various interests.


This card stands for a certain phase of life in which we get into the fire line of our various interests.

The card

The tarot card temptation shows a spiral. It means that spiral effect from seduction or the temptation from alcohol, money and the aspiration of power. It is simply human that may have been tempted: consumer goods and consumer products, materiel gain appeal pressure and it is just rather easy to lose control of it.    


This card stands for a certain phase of life in which we get into the fire line of our various interests. On the other hand there is an individual increased requirement for material gain or gain of power . Greediness is a challenge to resist with its distinct appearance. In addition to all those attributes there is desire to make all of it to your game like power, money , drogues, alcohol and fraud -  temptation, seduction and limitation as well.  

The tarot card temptation invites us offers or emerging desires. But it means also to challenge passion. The first sight is desirable but the second view it is to be read. Fallacy maybe leads later to dependence and bondage . Likewise temptation shows that everybody has got a dark side to reveal. It is always a hint to realize and accept his vigorousness and his weakness. A person that has knowledge about his attitudes has also the capacity to operate his talents.  


Negative aspects

The dark side of this tarot card temptation represents exorbitance, excess , immoderateness, addiction and dependence.

We lose our poise and neglect all doubts, worries and concerns. We do not reflect our actions or we are not willing to do that. We are under a spell of someone or something and we are unable to disband – against all known imagination of better trust, confidence, purpose and moral. 


With regard to aspects of <love> the card the temptation represents a spiral of passion, jealousy, chaos . We are in a way to start adventures and affairs that imply playing with fire . Potentially you cross a border, a limitation, cheat a friend or partner or someone else. The card impacts on your behaviour towards control, moral and sentimental belief. 



Your career could experience a significant stroke. Anyone could offer you lucrative business accompanied with material gain and gain in power. But before you decide to take you should verify by a close look. Maybe there are lacks of ideal points and missing moral. Suddenly you succumb to somebody’s charm and consume by greed. A spell tells you that you just gain success when you ignore social forces in a combination with doubts about social forces and social obligations. Maybe it brings out such complicated aspects.    

Opposite view

 Liberation, reflection, enlightenment

Temptation - Card of the day

Today you could have a confrontation with your dark side . Temptation can cross your way in various ways. Maybe you feel lured by sweets or alcohol though you swore to keep away from that. You promise to lead a better and healthy life. The emergence of another lucrative business offers success, power and real wealth.

The card <temptation> gives a warning of unsolicitous steps. Be careful and beware of acts and behaviour that you do not reflect or trust. It is accompanied with the absence limitation and independence.

Astrologic correspondence tarot


I-Ching correspondence tarot

36 MING I /


Prudence, selfishness, violence, power, authority, struggle, manipulation, lust, greed, desire, seduction, temptation, limitation, dependence, failure, passion, dark side, covetousness, lasciviousness, lewdness, good intentions

The great Arkana consists of 22 symbol tarot cards. They represent significant changes of consideration in life. The cards start with “0” and end with “21” – the fulfillment. These cards represent comparably the journey of life.