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Mar 25th 2019 Astrology calendar

Mundan-horoscope und transits for March 25th 2019
Today Weekday: Monday
Birthday: Zodiac sign Aries
Chinese zodiac sign:
豬 Earth Pig
Lunar phase:
waning gibbous
moon (→ Sagittarius) (07:11)

Daily aspects

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Moon → Sagittarius

1:11 am

When the moon changes to the sign of Sagittarius you feel passionate and ardent. You may feel a restless and unsettled mood today. With the moon in the sign of Sagittarius best prerequsites are given for education, for those who are interested in such topics like Philosophy or higher education will experience profound knowledge.

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Sun (Aries) Trine Moon (Sagittarius)

9:37 am

This lucky constellation spells fortune in general – harmonious togetherness regarding parental care and relationship.

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These aspects apply to everyone equally and are independent of the birthday.

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