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All Moon and Planet Constellations / Aspects and Transits for Friday, April 22, 1927


Friday, April 22, 1927

Sun April 1927

Birthday: Taurus

Chinese zodiac sign:
兔 Fire Rabbit

34,736 days ago (95 years, 1 month, 7 days)



The Moon moves from Sagittarius to Capricorn (

waning gibbous


Daily aspects

Mercury (Aries) ⚹ Venus (Gemini)  | Photo: © iStock.com/97
Mercury (Aries) ⚹extile Venus (Gemini)

This ⚹extile makes us kind, cheerful, stimulating, friendly, eloquent, and adaptable. We are inclined to fine arts. Our creative energy appears, as well as our sense of design. Furthermore, active imagination, exhilaration, lightness, imagination, and inspiration.

Duration: about one day.

Moon → Capricorn | Photo: © blackday - stock.adobe.com
Moon → Capricorn

The Capricorn Moon gives us seriousness, deliberation, concentration, and determination. Even ambitious goals can be a little closer. Duty calls, private life is neglected. There is a short time for enjoyment and leisure.

Mercury (Aries) Trine Saturn (Sagittarius)  | Photo: © hkuchera - fotolia.com
Mercury (Aries) Trine Saturn (Sagittarius)

The trine between Mercury and Saturn makes us busy, ambitious, logical, conscientious, and geared to concentration. We consider our actions carefully and execute our plans correctly. We suppress every kind of superficiality. We are methodical and diligent.

Duration: one day

Venus (Gemini) Opposition Saturn (Sagittarius)  | Photo: © Andrea Izzotti - stock.adobe.com
Venus (Gemini) Opposition Saturn (Sagittarius)

Venus Opposition Saturn

Unfortunately, this constellation is not a pleasant one in terms of marriage and partnership. Grief and worry can occur, jealousy, disillusionment, separation from a partner, depression as a result of being unsatisfied. Difficulties with parents could also arise.

Duration: about two days.

Moon (Capricorn) Square Uranus (Aries)  | Photo: © iStock.com/nito100
Moon (Capricorn) Square Uranus (Aries)

During this time, we can be eccentric, headstrong, fanatic, over-the-top, irritable, and capricious. We tend to mutable moods, derailments, and untoward situations. Love could show quirks, and intense sensuality, which could lead to separation from the partner or to a tragic love life. Abnormal tendencies and self-harm could also appear.

Sun (Taurus) Trine Moon (Capricorn)  | Photo: © heyengel - Fotolia.com
Sun (Taurus) Trine Moon (Capricorn)

This aspect brings you overall happiness, life success, health, well-being, vitality, harmony with parents and family, and there will be pleasant interactions between you and your partner. If single, it is a good time to go out on dates.

Moon (Capricorn) Opposition Mars (Cancer)  | Photo: © iStock.com/AaronAmat
Moon (Capricorn) Opposition Mars (Cancer)

This opposition can excite uns and make us belligerent and hasty. Disagreement with the opposite sex threatens. Separations from wife or mother. We could be lavish on money matters. Repressing feelings, moodiness, but also passion are possible.

Moon (Capricorn) Square Mercury (Aries)  | Photo: © sashafolly - stock.adobe.com
Moon (Capricorn) Square Mercury (Aries)

Good spiritual gifts are available during this time, but we could misuse them. Since our thinking is mutable, the reason why we couldn't take the truth so precisely. We could also be superficial, inconsistent, and hasty.

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The Sun on Apr 22, 1927

Darkest moment
It is the darkest moment of the night. Sun is in the lowest position.
Night ends
The morning astronomical twilight starts.
Nautical Dawn
The morning nautical twilight starts.
Morning nautical twilight ends, morning civil twilight starts.
Top edge of the sun appears on the horizon
Sunrise ends
Bottom edge of the sun touches the horizon.
Morning golden hour ends
Soft light - the best time for photography.
Solar noon
The sun is in the highest position.
Evening golden hour starts
Sunset starts
The bottom edge of the sun touches the horizon.
Sun disappears below the horizon, evening civil twilight starts.
Evening nautical twilight starts.
Nautical dusk
Evening astronomical twilight starts.
It is dark enough for astronomical observations.

The times were calculated for 38° 53' N, -77° 02' W, Timezone: America/Chicago (UTC -5)

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