May 6, 1952 - Astrology Calendar

All Moon and Planet Constellations / Aspects and Transits for Tuesday, May 6, 1952
May 6, 1952 - Astrology Calendar
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The smart actor, Nespresso man, action hero and screenwriter George Clooney (*1961) celebrates his birthday today.

Sigmund Freud (1856 - 1939), the founder of psychoanalysis, left great knowledge about the human subconscious to posterity. The "Interpretation of Dreams" and "the Oedipus complex" are two topics he dealt with extensively.

Other birthdays : Christian Morgenstern (1871 - 1914), Wolke Hegenbarth (*1980), Orson Welles (1915-1985)

Saint's day

Antonia ("of the Antonian family")



Weather Proverb

If Antonia brings clear hours at night, they are often associated with frosts.

Tuesday, May 6, 1952

Sun May 1952

Birthday: Taurus

Chinese zodiac sign:
龍 Water Dragon

26,077 days ago (71 years, 4 months, 22 days)


moon (Libra)
waxing gibbous


Daily aspects

Mercury (Aries) Opposition Neptune (Libra)  | Photo: © tomertu  -,
Mercury (Aries) Opposition Neptune (Libra)

During this time, you are dreamy, impractical, unreliable, and easy to influence. However, you are also imaginative, and can approach all artistic areas, but are very susceptible to melancholic moods. You could also struggle to separate facts from illusions. You could be very reserved as far as verbal expressions of love are concerned. You have a great imagination, and it's better to work alone. It's not a great time to look for a job.

Moon (Libra) Conjunction Saturn (Libra)  | Photo: © zolotareva_elina -
Moon (Libra) Conjunction Saturn (Libra)

This conjunction can cause limitations, depression, melancholy, and discomfort. You could be dissatisfied, introverted, stubborn, and insincere. Inhibitions in your love life could occur, and you could have bad luck with your partner. Alienation or separation from your wife or mother could occur. You could feel lonely and deserted if you live on your own.

Moon (Libra) Square Uranus (Cancer)  | Photo: ©
Moon (Libra) Square Uranus (Cancer)

We may be eccentric, headstrong, hyper, irritable, and moody during this time. We are prone to changing moods. Willfulness may show itself in love. Do not make hasty decisions at this time. They tend to do exactly the opposite of what is expected of them. There could be unexpected challenges or rapid changes today. Fortunately, this aspect will pass after two hours.

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The Sun on May 6, 1952

Darkest moment
It is the darkest moment of the night. Sun is in the lowest position.
Night ends
The morning astronomical twilight starts.
Nautical Dawn
The morning nautical twilight starts.
Morning nautical twilight ends, morning civil twilight starts.
Top edge of the sun appears on the horizon
Sunrise ends
Bottom edge of the sun touches the horizon.
Morning golden hour ends
Soft light - the best time for photography.
Solar noon
The sun is in the highest position.
Evening golden hour starts
Sunset starts
The bottom edge of the sun touches the horizon.
Sun disappears below the horizon, evening civil twilight starts.
Evening nautical twilight starts.
Nautical dusk
Evening astronomical twilight starts.
It is dark enough for astronomical observations.

The times were calculated for 38° 53' N, -77° 02' W, Timezone: America/Chicago (UTC -5)

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