May 20, 2050 Astrology calendar

All planet constellations, aspects and transits for May 20th 2050
In 11075 days Weekday: Friday
The zodiac sign is changing from Taurus to Gemini (at 14:49)

Gemini Moon

20 May 2050
moon (→ Gemini) (3:48 PM)
new moon (3:53 PM)

Moon in May 2050

Daily aspects

Aspects Time
Sun ⚹extile Jupiter 4:20 AM
Moon Conjunction Neptune 8:54 AM
Sun → Gemini 2:49 PM
Moon ⚹extile Jupiter 3:11 PM
Moon → Gemini 3:48 PM
New Moon (Gemini) 3:53 PM

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Daily aspects


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