Astrology Calendar | Photo: © Vadimsadovski -

January 1918 - Astrology calendar

All astrology aspects in January 1918
Astrology Calendar | Photo: © Vadimsadovski -

January 1918 - Astrology calendar

All astrology aspects in January 1918

January 1918 - Astrology calendar

All astrology aspects in January 1918. When do the zodiac signs change? Which aspects and constellations are there?

You can choose one or more planets. If you select more than one planet, only a monthly overview is possible, if there are too many results.

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Aspects Time
Mo. 07 Jan
Moon Square Neptune 1:56 AM
Moon ⚹extile Mercury 3:48 AM
Moon Square Saturn 2:52 PM
Sun ⚹extile Moon 10:43 PM
Tu. 08 Jan
Moon Square Uranus 7:28 AM
Moon Square Venus 3:33 PM
Moon ⚹extile Mars 9:53 PM
Moon → Sagittarius 10:55 PM
We. 09 Jan
Moon Opposition Jupiter 2:31 AM
Moon Trine Neptune 10:13 AM
Moon Trine Saturn 10:10 PM
Th. 10 Jan
Moon ⚹extile Uranus 2:12 PM
Moon ⚹extile Venus 10:01 PM
Mercury Opposition Pluto 11:42 PM
Fr. 11 Jan
Mars → Libra 2:53 AM
Moon Square Mars 3:23 AM
Moon Conjunction Mercury 10:14 AM
Moon Opposition Pluto 10:33 AM
Sa. 12 Jan
New Moon (Capricorn) 4:34 PM
Su. 13 Jan
Moon → Aquarius 5:53 AM
Moon Trine Mars 6:43 AM
Moon Trine Jupiter 8:45 AM
Moon Opposition Neptune 3:53 PM
Mo. 14 Jan
Mercury → direct motion 12:43 AM
Moon Opposition Saturn 2:21 AM
Moon Conjunction Uranus 5:58 PM
Tu. 15 Jan
Moon Conjunction Venus 3:40 AM
Moon → Pisces 6:54 AM
Moon Square Jupiter 9:36 AM
Moon ⚹extile Mercury 12:48 PM
Moon Trine Pluto 1:32 PM
Th. 17 Jan
Mercury Opposition Pluto 12:23 AM
Sun ⚹extile Moon 2:10 AM
Moon → Aries 8:06 AM
Moon Opposition Mars 10:21 AM
Moon ⚹extile Jupiter 10:44 AM
Moon Square Pluto 2:48 PM
Moon Square Mercury 3:14 PM
Moon Trine Neptune 5:58 PM
Fr. 18 Jan
Moon Trine Saturn 4:26 AM
Mars Trine Jupiter 12:26 PM
Moon ⚹extile Uranus 9:34 PM
Sa. 19 Jan
Moon ⚹extile Venus 8:15 AM
Half Moon (Aries) 8:40 AM
Moon → Taurus 10:51 AM
Moon ⚹extile Pluto 5:45 PM
Moon Trine Mercury 8:25 PM
Moon Square Neptune 9:04 PM
Su. 20 Jan
Venus → retrograde 1:31 AM
Moon Square Saturn 7:48 AM
Sun → Aquarius 2:31 PM
Mo. 21 Jan
Moon Square Uranus 2:15 AM
Moon Square Venus 1:08 PM
Moon → Gemini 3:54 PM
Sun Trine Moon 6:00 PM
Moon Conjunction Jupiter 6:36 PM
Moon Trine Mars 7:42 PM
Tu. 22 Jan
Sun Trine Jupiter 1:43 AM
Moon ⚹extile Neptune 2:32 AM
Moon ⚹extile Saturn 1:29 PM
Sun Trine Mars 7:20 PM
We. 23 Jan
Moon Trine Uranus 9:21 AM
Moon Trine Venus 7:58 PM
Moon → Cancer 11:21 PM
Th. 24 Jan
Moon Square Mars 3:55 AM
Moon Conjunction Pluto 6:47 AM
Moon Opposition Mercury 5:24 PM
Sa. 26 Jan
Sun Opposition Neptune 5:25 AM
Jupiter → direct motion 6:50 AM
Moon → Leo 8:49 AM
Moon ⚹extile Jupiter 11:39 AM
Moon ⚹extile Mars 2:01 PM
Moon Conjunction Neptune 7:55 PM
Full Moon (Leo) 9:16 PM
Su. 27 Jan
Moon Conjunction Saturn 7:11 AM
Mo. 28 Jan
Moon Opposition Uranus 5:39 AM
Moon Opposition Venus 2:00 PM
Moon → Virgo 7:59 PM
Moon Square Jupiter 10:56 PM
Tu. 29 Jan
Moon ⚹extile Pluto 3:42 AM
We. 30 Jan
Moon Trine Mercury 2:57 AM
Th. 31 Jan
Moon → Libra 8:24 AM
Moon Trine Jupiter 11:27 AM
Sun Opposition Saturn 12:25 PM
Moon Conjunction Mars 2:30 PM
Moon Square Pluto 4:07 PM
Moon ⚹extile Neptune 7:39 PM
Fr. 01 Feb
Moon ⚹extile Saturn 6:42 AM
Sun Trine Moon 8:33 AM
Moon Square Mercury 10:32 PM
Sa. 02 Feb
Moon Trine Uranus 6:58 AM
Moon Trine Venus 10:33 AM
Moon → Scorpio 8:49 PM
Su. 03 Feb
Moon Trine Pluto 4:17 AM
Moon Square Neptune 7:42 AM
Mars → retrograde 4:13 PM
Moon Square Saturn 7:16 PM
Mo. 04 Feb
Half Moon (Scorpio) 2:48 AM
Moon ⚹extile Mercury 5:54 PM
Moon Square Uranus 7:21 PM
Moon Square Venus 8:02 PM
Tu. 05 Feb
Moon → Sagittarius 8:11 AM
Venus Conjunction Uranus 9:30 AM
Moon Opposition Jupiter 11:17 AM
Moon ⚹extile Mars 1:57 PM
Moon Trine Neptune 6:27 PM
We. 06 Feb
Moon Trine Saturn 4:02 AM
Sun ⚹extile Moon 4:16 PM


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