Saturn | Photo: © nasa_gallery -

Saturn - 1915

All astrology aspects and constellations of Saturn in 1915
Saturn | Photo: © nasa_gallery -

Saturn - 1915

All astrology aspects and constellations of Saturn in 1915

Saturn - 1915

All astrology aspects and constellations of Saturn in 1915. When do the zodiac signs change? Which aspects and constellations are there?

You can choose one or more planets. If you select more than one planet, only a monthly overview is possible, if there are too many results.

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Date Aspects
Sa. 09 Jan 12:52 PM Saturn Trine Node
Tu. 12 Jan 11:02 AM Saturn Trine Node
Mo. 18 Jan 2:03 AM Saturn Trine Node
We. 20 Jan 1:34 AM Jupiter Trine Saturn
Sa. 30 Jan 11:09 AM Mercury Trine Saturn
Tu. 02 Feb 6:16 AM Venus Opposition Saturn
Su. 14 Feb 11:45 PM Sun Trine Saturn
Th. 25 Feb 10:15 PM Saturn → direct motion
Su. 28 Feb 9:43 AM Mercury Trine Saturn
We. 03 Mar 10:10 AM Mars Trine Saturn
Sa. 13 Mar 12:21 PM Mercury Trine Saturn
We. 17 Mar 3:16 AM Sun Square Saturn
Mo. 22 Mar 2:06 PM Saturn Trine Node
Mo. 29 Mar 4:23 AM Venus Trine Saturn
Th. 08 Apr 4:15 PM Mercury Square Saturn
Tu. 13 Apr 2:25 AM Mars Square Saturn
Su. 18 Apr 2:35 PM Sun ⚹extile Saturn
Su. 25 Apr 9:15 AM Venus Square Saturn
Su. 25 Apr 8:46 PM Mercury ⚹extile Saturn
Tu. 11 May 4:47 PM Saturn → Cancer
We. 19 May 2:54 PM Saturn Conjunction Pluto
Sa. 22 May 10:49 PM Venus ⚹extile Saturn
Fr. 28 May 12:09 PM Mars ⚹extile Saturn
Mo. 31 May 9:43 AM Mercury Conjunction Saturn
Fr. 25 Jun 4:56 AM Mercury Conjunction Saturn
Mo. 28 Jun 11:20 AM Sun Conjunction Saturn
Sa. 17 Jul 7:43 AM Venus Conjunction Saturn
Th. 22 Jul 11:00 AM Mercury Conjunction Saturn
We. 25 Aug 9:54 PM Mercury ⚹extile Saturn
Tu. 07 Sep 2:44 PM Sun ⚹extile Saturn
We. 08 Sep 6:13 PM Venus ⚹extile Saturn
Fr. 10 Sep 10:28 PM Mars Conjunction Saturn
We. 15 Sep 4:59 AM Mercury Square Saturn
Mo. 04 Oct 4:42 AM Venus Square Saturn
Su. 10 Oct 7:24 AM Sun Square Saturn
Th. 28 Oct 4:47 PM Venus Trine Saturn
Fr. 29 Oct 1:29 PM Saturn → retrograde
Tu. 09 Nov 3:09 PM Sun Trine Saturn
Mo. 22 Nov 4:32 AM Mercury Trine Saturn
Tu. 14 Dec 7:21 AM Venus Opposition Saturn
Tu. 28 Dec 4:36 PM Mercury Opposition Saturn


The astrology calendar shows the current constellations on the desired date. All entries are available from 1.1.1900 to 31.12.2099.

If you select one or more planets, then the moon aspects are left out. If you want to see them, you have to choose the moon for the desired month.

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