Monthly horoscope Leo November 2018

What do the stars say about love, career, and health for the sign Leo in November 2018?

November – Love and Happiness

The sun will continue to form a square, so you should still expect to face obstacles or difficulties that tend to come up during this aspect. At least you’ll know what’s coming, and you won’t be too surprised when troubles do crop up. Instead, you’ll be able to react with confidence and purpose. After November 22nd this aspect will be over, and the sun will once again return to a more normal level of influence over your life. It will form a highly positive trine at this time, so it will provide plenty of vitality and useful energy.

Improvements in Your Career

Mercury will form a trine at the start of the month where it will remain throughout all of November That means you will once again be able to achieve excellent results in your career, now that you’ve overcome Mercury’s recent square aspect. You’re going from one extreme to the other. Now the planet will have a highly positive effect, so this is a good time to put the pedal to the medal at your job; all your hard work will pay off. There will be a bit of bad news after November 17th as Mercury becomes retrograde. You will need to work with more caution and precision than usual, and deceit and mistakes are to be expected.

Creativity Awakens

Venus will be showing off its good side all month long and forming a beneficial sextile, so Leos will be enjoying all its favors and receiving all of its best characteristics. Your motto for the month of November will be enjoying love, art, and life in general. if you focus your energies on those areas, you won’t even mind the miserable weather!

Controlling Mars’s Energy

Mars will remain in opposition through November 15th, so Leos should once again watch out for aggressiveness. Learning how to handle aggressive feelings correctly is much more constructive.

However, this will be a tough time for anyone with a naturally bad temper. After December 15th the planet will change its favors. It will finally leave its oppositional position and will encourage Leos to consider whether they are using all the energy it sends them in the best way possible. Don’t waste it.

Beneficial Energy from Jupiter

Jupiter has excellent news for us. It will be moving into the sign Sagittarius on November 8th to form a positive trine for many months. The next 12 months, to be exact. That means you’ll receive beneficial energy from the planet, meaning you will feel great and will feel a strong urge to hang around and do nothing. Don’t give into that urge too often: since you’ll have lots of creative potential during this time, you should definitely use it wisely and strike out on new paths. This is a good time to engage in intellectual pursuits and take continuing education courses. You will feel very tolerantand generous, and your relationships with other people will generally be very good. Last but not least, you might even see some unexpected income!

Saturn will form a quincunx aspect to Leo throughout the entire year. On the one hand, this will help you remember to take care of your healthand not become overworked. On the other hand, however, this is also a good time to make sure you’re not being taken advantage of at work. Leos could get a promotion at their jobs if they are a little bit more aggressive and gain attention from their supervisors.


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