Monthly horoscope Virgo November 2018

What do the stars say about love, career, and health for the sign Virgo in November 2018?

November – Jupiter Changes its Favors

The sun will remain in Scorpio and form a positive sextile, so you can expect to continue receiving welcome vital energy from it which you will need to keep up your health and enjoy success. This positive period will last through November 22nd, after which the sun will move into the sign Sagittarius to suddenly form a square. This will be a time to expect difficulties and disadvantages. But as they say: Difficulties are there to be overcome. If you treat them as learning opportunities, they can help you grow and develop your character.

Misunderstandings and Difficulties at Work

Mercury will be in Sagittarius during this time to form a square, so you should expect misunderstandings and errors to plague you in your communications and your career. You may also feel more nervous and absent-minded than usual during this time. Mercury will also go into retrograde on November 17th. That means you’ll need to work precisely to ensure you don’t make any errors. Make sure to review any contracts very carefully.

Venus will be in Libra during this time and throughout the entire month to form a secondary semi-sextile aspect. That means this will be a quieter period in your love life, which might be a good thing.

Sports to Blow Off Steam

Mars will start off the month by forming a quincunx aspect and encouraging Virgos to consider whether they’re using their energy in the right way. If not, now is the time to make a change.

On November 15th it will move into the sign Pisces to form an opposition, so be careful that all the excess energy you have doesn’t turn into aggression. Playing sports is probably a better way to get rid of all that energy so it doesn’t get you into any arguments.

Jupiter Warns Against Arrogance

Jupiter will move into the sign Sagittarius on November 8th. In doing so it will give up its sextile aspect and form a square to Virgo. The square aspect will help you remember not to become arrogant or even “megalomaniacal” even if you are feeling pretty good about yourself right now. You are likely to feel that way often over the next few months. Now is the time to practice discipline and self-restraint. If you keep everything under control in this respect, you’ll have major opportunities for growth during this time. If you get into any legal conflicts, coming to a compromise is a better option than fighting through to the end.

Saturn will be in Capricorn throughout the year, forming a positive trine. That means it will have a stabilizing effect on Virgos’ lives during this time. However, since Saturn is associated with negative karma, we might not always be confronted with the things we need to hear. Any projects you start now will go well over the long term. Now is the time for your best results with real estate and anything to do with properties. If you work hard now, you’re certain to reap the rewards – just maybe not right away.

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