Monthly Horoscope Virgo August 2019 | Foto: ©

Monthly Horoscope Virgo August 2019

What are the stars for Virgo in August 2019 in love, work, and health?
Monthly Horoscope Virgo August 2019 | Foto: ©

Monthly Horoscope Virgo August 2019

What are the stars for Virgo in August 2019 in love, work, and health?

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Monthly Horoscope Virgo August 2019

A great month to enjoy

At the beginning of the month, it is still a bit quiet around Virgo, but then from August 22nd the Sun will move to its own Zodiac sign, and Virgo-born people will now be celebrating their birthday! Luck will be on your side, and the Sun will send a lot of strength and energy, giving way to a successful conclusion of the month! And Venus, the Goddess of Love, from August 21st, will send all love energy available to Virgo. It could really be the most precious time of the year for Virgo. The favorable effect of the power carried by Venus will be active all month love. So, just enjoy it!


For vitality and well-being

The Sun will still stand, until August 22nd,  in the Zodiac sign Leo. Therefore, the current ⚺extile aspect gives way to relatively good opportunities, since no significant issue has to be expected. At the same time, the presence of the Sun will be rather neutral, and no particular favors will meet the Virgo. During August 22nd, the Sun will move to its own Zodiac sign, Virgo. Virgo-born will celebrate their birthday, and we congratulate very much! A particular boost of courage and vitality will now fall on the Virgo.  Important decisions are ready to be taken since you will experience a lot of self-confidence. You will also have to expect a lot of support from the Sun. It is now most important to take advantage of this period since it occurs only once a year.

Mars, the planet of Energy, will stand first in the neighboring Leo, until August 18th. This will result in the aspect of a ⚺extile. So you will have to expect a neutral situation and no significant disturbances. During August 18th, Mars will move to  Virgo, and this signifies a tremendous increase in energy.  


Auch Energieplanet Mars steht zunächst im Nachbarzeichen Löwe, und zwar bis zum 18.8., weshalb auch hier der Aspekt des ⚺extils vorliegt; es kann deshalb eigentlich mit neutralen Verhältnissen und mit keinen nennenswerten Störungen gerechnet werden. Im Laufe des 18.8. wechselt Mars dann aber ins eigene Zeichen Jungfrau, was nun auch einen ungeheuren Zuwachs an Energie bedeuten wird.

Monthly horoscope Virgo August 2019 | photo: (c)  REDPIXEL -


You can now count on strong will, you will feel physically fit, and perhaps you will feel the desire to start something new. You will just have to be careful not to be too strong, just to avoid other conflicts.

Jupiter, the Planet of  Luck, will create a square position to the Sun of the Virgo; nevertheless, this could also result in excellent opportunities. Perhaps, you will feel overwhelmed or overburdened at the moment, but the chances for significant success are there, you just must not give up. Reflecting on how to separate the wheat from the chaff would be beneficial now, and you should focus only on what is essential.

Saturn will form then a favorable trigon, and it will have a stabilizing effect upon Virgo born people. If you do a lot now, you'll be rewarded later. It may be natural that you will soon feel you are under some obligation and you will overthink about what you should achieve.


Profession, money, and communication

Mercury will stand in three signs in August. Until August 11th,  he will be in Cancer, then in Leo until August 29th, and finally in Virgin. As long as Mercury will be in Cancer, the result will be a favorable ⚹extile. This means that communication will be improved in all areas, be it professional, financial, or written. If Mercury, on August 18th, will move to Leo, the result will just be a ⚺extile. Still, you can really be satisfied with it. You will enjoy the best times when Mercury, from August 29th, will move to your Zodiac sign, Virgo.  Now Mercury will spoil you, and you should really take advantage of this opportunity.

Monthly horoscope Virgo August 2019 | photo: (c) astrosystem -


Love, happy moments and art:

The goddess of love will stand  August 21st in the  Sign Leo. Quite and satisfactory moment for love will be on your way. Still, you will enjoy the best times of the year when Venus, during August 21st, will appear in your Sign Virgo.  The most precious times for love, marriage, friendships, art pleasures, and social relationships will be at hand. It will be time to enjoy everything one hundred percent!


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