Monthly Horoscope Aquarius June 2019

How do stars stand for the sign Aquarius in June 2019 in love, work, and health?

How do stars stand for the sign Aquarius in June 2019 in love, work, and health?

The sun strengthens the Aquarians

The powerful energy of the Sun will make Aquarians proud and self-confident, they will now feel like proving themselves. Love affairs will be hot from 9th June, a lot of things may happen, and it will be exciting.

For vitality and well-being

The sun will still stand in the related air sign Gemini, which is why a favorable Trigon will continue to form. The result will be an increase in vitality and sense of performance. You will now have a better ability in taking decisions, behaving appropriately, and will feel a strong need for enforcement and self-assertion.

The physical condition and the mental state will be in a harmonious relationship. In the course of 21st June, the Sun will then turn to the sign Cancer, resulting in a quincunx angle, which always points to a reorientation. If there was anything to improve in the lives of the Aquarians, this would be the best time to take the first steps towards changing.

Mars, the planet of Energy, will stand all over the month in the sign of Cancer, and this will result in a Quincunx aspect. It could happen that inevitable tensions in actions will now become evident. You will be working with enthusiasm, zeal, and diligence, but you will find no approval from those who are important to you, and this will disappoint you. So you will clearly feel that your commitment is not required. It could also happen that you will be criticized by people who are not as competent as you, but after all, you will not care about it. It will now be the time of clarification, and if this will not be possible, you will just have to move your gaze elsewhere.

Jupiter, the planet of Luck, will continue with its favorable influx, this is why Aquarius born people will experience lucky switches and will be protected enough. All the ideals that Jupiter represents are now under its special protection. Now it would be essential to strive for higher learning. The study of philosophy and religion will provide lasting satisfaction. Legal and medical fields will also be part of this influence, as well as teaching skills.

Saturn will form all year round the secondary aspect of the semi-sextile, this means that it will only be weakly effective. Saturn will always have to do with our karma, and this is also referred to our past failures, which will be now compensated.

Profession, money, and communication:

Mercury, the planet responsible for our thoughts and actions, will stand in three Zodiac signs during June so three different qualities of this planet will affect us. Until 4th June, Mercury will still be favorably in Gemini. This advantageous Trigon will continue to give favorable conditions in the profession, in financial matters, and in communication. In the course of 4th June, Mercury will then move to the sign Cancer, so now, in the Quincunx, both situations of tension and happy events could arise. This situation will last until 27th June when Mercury will move to the sign Leo, resulting in an opposition. Now you should be careful in avoiding misunderstandings, errors, and similar inconveniences.

Love, happy moments and art:

Venus will stand until 9th June in a square position, so you will now be satisfied to enjoy moments of love and passion, which can also become quite hot. If Venus then in the course of 9th June will move to the sign Gemini those moments will get much warmer!

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