Monthly Horoscope Capricorn June 2019

How do stars stand for the Zodiac sign Capricorn in June 2019 in love, work, and health?

How do stars stand for the Zodiac sign Capricorn in June 2019 in love, work, and health?

Austerity in a lush season

In June Capricorn born people will face many challenges. The durable power of Mars will cause outbursts of anger, which should be curbed. Mercury will cause inconveniences in communication, and one has not to expect much from the other planets. Only Venus will be favorable to the Capricorns.

For vitality and well-being

The sun will still stand in the sign of Gemini, and that until 21st June, resulting in the formation of a Quincunx aspect. This will point, as usual, to a reorientation. If something should be changed in the life of the Capricorns, then now is the right time. In the course of 21st June, the sun will move to the sign Cancer, resulting in an opposition. The sun symbolizes a continually changing self. And the opposition is now showing whether our recent efforts will be bearing fruits or not.

If it is not the case, you will have already noticed by the reaction of the people from whom you received no support. It is time to reconsider things and start to move along new paths. This is the significance of the opposition.

Energy planet Mars still stops in Cancer and will maintain the position all month long.  Here, too, is an opposition, so you should be careful to deal with its intense energiy, which is not adequately used on Saggitariuses, degenerating into aggression. Everyone will be responsible for one's own actions, and we should all be aware of that.  Although rage sometimes is more effective than an elegant behavior.

The prosperous planet Jupiter will still be in the neighboring Zodiac sign Sagittarius, and this will only be the secondary aspect of a semi-sextile. You will now have to expect much progress soon. Good luck will hardly fall on you by itself. But if you will act diligently and with a conscience, you will be able to count on Jupiter's favor.

Saturn will continue to stand in its own sign Capricorn, and that means that you will have to expect delays and disabilities. Not giving up should be a must. But that's the best way for Capricorn to avoid all signs.

Profession, money, and communication:

Mercury, who is responsible for our thoughts and actions, will stand in three Zodiac signs during June, which is why three different qualities will emanate from the planet. It will stand in Gemini until 4th June, and with this Quincunx position, you may have to reckon with quite tricky situations in the communications area. Nevertheless, some happy situation could always arise. During the 4th June, Mercury will move to the sign Cancer, resulting in an opposition. You will now have to expect mainly difficulties that could arise in professional life and also in financial matters. So beware, and if you are aware of it, a lot of things can be prevented. However, certain events just leave us powerless. On 27th June, Mercury will enter the sign of Leo, giving way again to a quincunx aspect and, on the whole, the same conditions will persist as in the case of Mercury in Gemini at the beginning of the month.

Love, happy moments and art:

Until June 9th, the goddess of love will still be very favorable to the Capricorns. The planet will always reside in the related earth Zodiac sign Taurus and therefore form a favorable Trigon. Happy times will now appear for love, marriage, friendship, art, and everything beautiful and kind. After that, it can also continue pleasantly.

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