Monthly Horoscope June 2019

What are the stars for Leo in June 2019 in love, work, and health?

What are the stars for Leo in June 2019 in love, work, and health?

Exciting opportunities are announced

Leos will be full of energy this month, but this energy should be appropriately directed. If they do it, Lions will be able to achieve a lot in June. They will have excellent creative potential and will have high chances to succeed.

For vitality and well-being

The Sun will still be Gemini until the 21st of June, which is why, with this beneficial sextile, there will always be a boost of vitality and performance on the Leo born people.

You will now have a better ability in taking decisions, behaving appropriately, and will feel a strong need for enforcement and self-assertion. The physical condition and the mental state are in a harmonious relationship. In the course of 21st June, the sun will move to the sign Cancer, which is why the secondary aspect of the semi-sextile will be present favoring action. But you can count on the support of the Sun.

Energy planet Mars will stand all over the month in Cancer, resulting in a semi-sextile. In this constellation, basically, both qualities of the planet are perceptible, the negative as well as the positive ones. Mars is the active principle but is also responsible for anger and war. Mars also stands for male sexuality and for the vital force in humans. The important thing is that we learn to channel the intense energy coming from tensions or anger and take advantage of it for positive ideas. The refinement of sexual energy is indeed, for example, the starting point of a creative process.

Jupiter, the planet of Luck, will stop in Sagittarius until December 2nd, resulting in a most favorable Trigon. Favorable opportunities will show that can be used to one's own advantage. Leo will enjoy a highly creative potential, and this could lead to the conquering of new areas of life. Relationships with other people will be most excellent, and you will be tolerant and generous. Time is also suitable for forging plans and training. And last but not least, unexpected income could come along now!

Saturn will form a quincunx angle throughout the year, and this indicates that you will have to be able to reorient some things in your life and make plans for your future.

Profession, money, and communication:

In June, Mercury will appear in three Zodiac signs, this is why three different colored qualities will emanate from the planet. The sextile will offer excellent conditions until 4th June. Then Mercury will move to the sign Cancer and will stop there until 27th June. In this semi-sextile, it will also be essential to be active in the field of work and communication, to achieve optimal results. In the course of 27th June Mercury will change to its own Zodiac sign, Leo, which is why the optimal ratios of the year are displayed. It is now vital to take advantage of the opportunities because they must, of course, be implemented. Since whoever wants to win the lottery, for example, has to get a ticket first!

Love, happy moments and art:

Venus gets a much friendlier face from the 9th of June while moving to Gemini because this new sextile will bring exciting opportunities in the area of love and all good things of life will disclose more intensely. Good time for love, art and all the best!

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