Monthly Horoscope November Leo 2019 | Photo: © SLANIC

Monthly Horoscope Leo November

All about Leos love life, profession and health in November 2019.
Monthly Horoscope November Leo 2019 | Photo: © SLANIC

Monthly Horoscope Leo November

All about Leos love life, profession and health in November 2019. Scroll down

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Monthly Horoscope Leo November

"Sweet moments of love."

For vitality and well-being:

The Sun will still stand in Scorpio until November, 22nd, again resulting in a square position. Health should be protected now, and this can be achieved with a lot of sleep, a healthier diet, and a lot of exercises outdoors. The situation will change for the better, when the Sun, on November, 22nd, will enter the related fire sign Sagittarius. This situation will give way to a favorable trine. You will get back more impulses and suggestions; you will be more vital again and get back to a natural pursuit of achievement. You will now have a better sense of determination and also a need for enforcement and self-assertion. The physical condition and the mental state are in a harmonious relationship. Mars, the Planet of Energy, will still be in Libra until November 19th, resulting in a positive Sextile. Thus, the energetic force will continue to flow to Leo in the right amount, and it can be optimally used to realize projects. But on November, 19th, Mars will move to Scorpio, giving way to a square position. Now Mars can bubble in us and break out into aggression if we do not control ourselves. It means that the overpowering force must first be guided in the right direction. Doing a lot of sports would, therefore, be a sensible measure, since here you can use the surplus of energy positively. Jupiter, the Planet of Luck, will stop in Sagittarius until December, 2nd, resulting in a most favorable Trigon. So there will always be significant opportunities that can be used to advantage. Leo will enjoy a highly creative potential, and this could lead to the conquering of new areas of life. Relationships with other people will be most excellent, and you will be tolerant and generous. Time is also suitable for forging plans and training.

And last but not least, unexpected income could come along now! Saturn will form a quincunx angle throughout the year. The resulting reorientation will be favorable to future planning.

Profession, money, and communication:

Mercury will continue to stand in Scorpio for the entire month. Significantly, the Planet will be declining from 1st to November 20th. We know that interferences in communication can be expected. On some things, you have no influence, for example, if a sentence flutters into your house because of a traffic offense. You should be very careful with acts and verbal agreements to avoid mistakes. Corrections related to the past could occur. And this fact compensates errors and injustices. The event could carry positive effects.


Love, happy moments, and art:

Venus will enter Sagittarius on the evening of November, 1st. It will stand there until the 25th and then, on November, 26th; it will turn to Capricorn. This situation will bring a beneficial trine first, and then a quincunx angle. Sweet times of love are so indicated. You now will appear inwardly relaxed, cheerful, and sympathetic. You will soon enjoy socializing and will want to win as much as possible from the beautiful sides of life. Good time for love, art and all the best!


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