Monthly Horoscope November Libra 2019 | Photo: © SLANIC

Monthly horoscope Libra November

All about Libras love life, profession and health in November 2019
Monthly Horoscope November Libra 2019 | Photo: © SLANIC

Monthly horoscope Libra November

All about Libras love life, profession and health in November 2019 Scroll down

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Monthly horoscope Libra November

"Lots of energy and love."

For vitality and well-being:

The Sun will still be in the neighbor sign Scorpio until November 22nd, again resulting in the angle of a semi-sextile. A semi-sextile does not have the effect of half a sextile. It connects quite different forces, since the adjacent signs, Libra and Scorpio, have an entirely different energy. You should be skilled enough to bring them together. So if you try to be active on your own, you will get good results, and it will pay off. On November, 22nd, the Sun will move to Sagittarius, resulting in a favorable sextile. However, now, you will tend to be lazy enough. But if you want to achieve something, you will still notice the swing of the semi-sextile and get active. Mars, the Planet of Energy, is holding in your sign Libra until November, 19th. So now a dominant force will still be pouring on the Libra-born. However, one should not act too briskly now, and in enforcing your interests, diplomatic methods would be more sympathetic than a recognizable egoistic behavior. On November, 19th, Mars will move to Scorpio, creating a semi-sextile. You can achieve a lot now if you are active and set initiatives. Jupiter, the Planet of Luck, will still be very favorable and will support Libra with a grand sextile. The reason why life will seem to flow more quickly than usual. At times, without much effort, you will be able to make significant progress, but in the long run, you should rely on and only use your skills. 


The search for peace is now also essential, and as far as finances are concerned, this area is also very favorable now. Saturn, however, will form a square throughout the year. So you always have to reckon with delays or hindrances. Still, you should not let yourself be confused, let alone give up because in this case, the good chances coming from Jupiter would be gone.

Profession, money, and communication:

Mercury will continue to stand in Scorpio for the entire month. Significantly, the Planet will be declining from 1st to November 20th. We know that interferences in communication can be expected. On some things, you have no influence, for example, if a sentence flutters into your house because of a traffic offense. You should be very careful with acts and verbal agreements to avoid mistakes. Corrections related to the past could occur. And this fact compensates errors and injustices. The event could carry positive effects.

Love, happy moments, and art:

Venus will enter Sagittarius on the evening of November 1st. It will stand there until the 25th and then move to Capricorn on July 26th. So you will enjoy a favorable sextile first, and then, when Venus is in Capricorn, a square. For the first 25 days of November, you will enjoy great times for love, marriage, family, friendships, art, and all good things of life. In the square position, you may not always be the best partner, but with much consideration, you can balance a lot.


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