Monthly Horoscope November Scorpio 2019 | Photo: ©

Monthly horoscope Scorpio November

All about Scorpios love life, profession and health in November 2019
Monthly Horoscope November Scorpio 2019 | Photo: ©

Monthly horoscope Scorpio November

All about Scorpios love life, profession and health in November 2019 Scroll down

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Monthly horoscope Scorpio November

"Active times with a lot of love."

For vitality and well-being:

The Sun will still stand in you sign Scorpio until November, 22nd, so the Scorpio-born will always be full of vital energy. Even many impulses and suggestions will support you, and you will be more balanced than usual. In this period, you could enjoy success. You will be more vital than usual, will have better decision-making skill and a healthy striving towards performance. The physical condition and the mental state are in a harmonious relationship. On November, 22nd, the Sun will move to Sagittarius, giving way to a semi-sextile. So you will be able to achieve a lot if you will take action and set initiatives. Mars, the Planet of Energy, is holding in your neighbor sign Libra until November, 19th. So the angle of the semi-sextile will still be present. Those who are particularly active now will achieve a lot, and Mars will gladly provide vital energy. On November, 19th, Mars will move to your sign Scorpio, and more power will be available to the Scorpio-born. However, this energy must first be channeled to avoid the risk of reacting too aggressively. Doing a lot of sports would now be a beneficial activity. You now enjoy the chance, you will desire to work more and will also feel the urge to live out your sexuality. Jupiter, the Planet of Luck, will still be in Sagittarius and will only form a semi-sextile. So you will have to make an effort if you wish to achieve something extraordinary. With too much luck, you will hardly be able to count on Jupiter. This time will be very favorable for self-education. Jupiter will reward your efforts later since this Planet appreciates idealistic aspirations. Saturn is in Capricorn and forms a pleasant Sextile all year round, which means that you will be powerfully resilient. It will allow you to set and reach your goals. Tasks transferred to you will be meticulously and satisfactorily fulfilled. If you are ready to contribute much, this transit will bring in the long run huge advantages.

Profession, money, and communication:

Mercury will continue to stand in Scorpio for the entire month. Significantly, the Planet will be declining from 1st to November 20th. We know that interferences in communication can be expected. On some things, you have no influence, for example, if a sentence flutters into your house because of a traffic offense. You should be very careful with acts and verbal agreements to avoid mistakes. Corrections related to the past could occur. And this fact compensates errors and injustices. The event could carry positive effects.

Love, happy moments, and art:

Venus will enter Sagittarius on the evening of November 1st. It will stand there until the 25th and then move to Capricorn on July 26th. So you will enjoy a favorable sextile first, and then, when Venus is in Capricorn, a square. On the whole, beautiful and pleasant times of love are displayed during the whole time. Glorious days for love, marriage, family, friendship and of course for the arts and all things good and pleasant things of life. You will be sympathetic, inwardly dissolved, and much more sociable.

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