Aquarius Monthly Horoscope

These are the stars for the zodiac sign Aquarius in March 2017

Love and partnership

Horoscope love | Photo: ©
Antonioguillem -

Now is definitely not the time for melancholy thoughts and spending time on your own.

The opposite is true - you are happy and are able to share this with others. Trips out with your friends or your partner turn into memorable and unique experiences. Maybe you even plan a holiday together – a lovely time is approaching!

Working life

Horoscope work | Photo: ©
Riccardo Meloni -

In the coming weeks you can really get going in your job.

Not only do you like your work, but you also get things done easily. In case you have been postponing important work-related decisions, now is the time to finally do this and follow up on them. Small rewards every now and then are worth it.


Horoscope health | Photo: ©
subjob -

In case you have just gone through a phase of feeling unwell, you feel better every day now and are getting back to your former strength.

Try to incorporate a little more physical exercise into your daily schedule. Maybe even plan a few more activities for your next holiday. A hike or a cycling tour can also be relaxing and recuperative.

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