Cancer Monthly Horoscope

These are the stars for the zodiac sign Cancer in February 2017

Love and partnership

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In your private life the negative influence of Jupiter comes into play - you behave fairly arrogantly.

You even alienate sympathetic friends of yours with your dominant behaviour. So restrain yourself. Carefully work out what counts as acceptable behaviour and then don't go any further than that. In this way you can be seen as a determined person but at the same time won't step on anyone's toes.

Working life

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You are optimistic and have great faith in your own ability.

Many things are now within your reach, and you don't even have to make big sacrifices for them. The only problem is - you need to know what you can really expect of yourself. Your exaggerated self-confidence will quickly tempt you to overstep your practical limits – and in that case you won't achieve anything at all.


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The challenges that you are currently facing require in-depth knowledge of yourself.

Profound introspection is needed. Take enough time for this and create a quiet atmosphere for it. Reflect on different situations, observe your behaviour and explore the reasons for them. In this way you gain clarity and become more aware.

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