August Horoscope

Monthly Horoscope August - These are the best days in summer

The horoscope for all star signs in the summer month
August Horoscope

Monthly Horoscope August - These are the best days in summer

The horoscope for all star signs in the summer month

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Leo August

07/23 - 08/23

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Monthly Horoscope August - These are the best days in summer


We have listed here the best days of the coming month for you, which should go very satisfactorily from the stars' point of view for all of us. The days with tense constellations do not appear here; they will be discussed in the individual daily horoscopes anyway. Here we only indulge in optimism, which is usually quite respectable. We give you a short monthly overview of the best days; these beautiful transits are also discussed in more detail in the Daily Horoscope.

If one of these days with favorable constellations did not go well for you, then your horoscope may have had a stronger say, but of course, this will happen again and again.

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Wednesday, August, 5th:

Mercury, the planet of Mind, enters the Zodiac sign, Leo, today, making our thinking more daring and bolder. The matching saying "He who dares, wins" or "The world belongs to the brave" has often proved right. 

Thursday, August 6th:

Today the Moon enters into positive connections with the planets Uranus, Jupiter, and Neptune, so the areas of brilliant ideas, moments of happiness in all areas of life, and creative ideas are very much favored. A fruitful day for artistically gifted people is offered!

Friday, August 7th:

Venus enters the Zodiac sign of Cancer today at about 5 pm, the reason why, for many of us, a romantic love affair is now beginning. Venus will stand in the sensitive Cancer until September 6th, 2020. After that, she will move to Leo, and then a very self-confident Venus will teach us other behaviors.

Saturday, August 8th:

Thanks to the favorable connection between the Moon and Mercury, we are becoming more eloquent today. We may even be able to express ourselves in unusual ways, both in writing and in speech. Today, however, we can also expect beneficial messages through letters, emails, SMS, or telephone calls. And the verbal notification should not be forgotten either. Perhaps our neighbor has something pleasant to tell us.

Tuesday, August 11th:

In the evening, from 8:30 pm, a creative phase begins, as the Moon and Neptune are positively connected. Those who now concentrate on artistic work will be very satisfied with the ideas that will flow to them from those planets. However, the emotional area with the associated expressions of tenderness and the higher love belongs to Moon and Neptune, which are now thoroughly enjoyed.

Who is falling in love in August?

Who is falling in love in August? 

Friday, August 14th:

A quite energetic day is ahead of us, and it will also be accompanied by excellent opportunities for Mercury in the field of communication. And not only that. Besides, the readiness for interaction between the sexes is working very well today, at least for most of us, so that beautiful Mars energy would also be very useful in this area.

Saturday, August 15th:

Venus and the Moon are probably pouring their best gift over us all day long today, namely the happiness of love, but especially between 3:26 and 5:26 pm. The condition is, however, that we are also ready to receive this happiness of love, and on the other hand, we must prove ourselves worthy of it. The unworthiness in the area of love is probably the main reason why we also go away empty-handed at times. 

Sunday, August 16th:

Today and for the next few days, the Sun and Mars bring us a lot of energy, strength, and also courage, so that we could now also tackle challenging projects, which we might have left behind in the past. Neptune and the Moon are also on the road for us today with a lot of creativity because we should not be held back by small obstacles since now only the big and important project counts, which will certainly succeed with a proper effort.

Monday, August 17th:

Mars and Mercury are making a very dynamic impact today, which is why a great deal will succeed in the communications, business, and finance sectors if you put in the right amount of engagement. And the Sun, in conjunction with Mercury, also provides us with the necessary insight, valuable negotiating skills, and friendly charisma. 

In August, it can only go up!

In August, it can only go up! 

Tuesday, August 18th:

And again, the goddess of love is very much active today, this time in positive association with Uranus, indicating a sudden acquaintance with a new partner. This effect starts very strongly from 9:27 pm, and this time is one of the most beautiful evening appointments. Of course, old lovers could also be hit by this Venus-Uranus dynamic; no difference is made here since a love affair should be maintained permanently according to the two planets.

Thursday, August 20th:

Mercury is entering the Zodiac sign Virgo today, where the planet feels totally at ease. So, Mercury will once again demonstrate wisdom and will benefit us all. And the Moon is still entering into four positive connections today, namely with Uranus, Venus, Jupiter, and Pluto. We will receive strong impulses in the areas of ideas and wit, love, friendship, happiness in all possible areas of life, and deep feelings of love. That will be a beautiful day for many of us! 

Tuesday, August 25th:

Mercury is entering a positive connection with Uranus today, so once again, we are blessed with sudden ideas that could solve many a problem for us. So, pay attention today, since if you wait with concentration, you will see many more of these unusual ideas.

Wednesday, August 26th:

Due to the opposition between Venus and Jupiter, we are in for a delightful day today, which, depending on mindset, can lead to excesses. Those who do not exaggerate too much will experience a lot of fun, joy, satisfaction, and happiness. We now love life, love, games, beauty, money, luxury items that we would all like to buy, good food, good drink, art, and whatever else is available! In any case, we will enjoy the day to the fullest, and what tomorrow will be, we don't care about today.

Thursday, August 27th:

Late at 11:12 pm today, the favorable connection between Venus and Neptune begins, which will continue to affect for the next two days, so the effects of the two planets will strongly influence our lives. And those are all enjoyable effects. Our sensitivity is fundamentally strengthened, and this alone makes us much more receptive to our partners and fellow human beings. The high qualities of love, beauty, and harmony are transferred to us. Neptune also causes much enthusiasm and open-mindedness for higher values. Artistically gifted people are provided with ideas and intuitions that will make them happy. And the two lucky planets will also prepare erotic fantasies, musical experiences, beautiful dreams, and visions ready for us to enjoy.

Friday, August 28th:

In the afternoon, the Moon and Uranus will affect us favorably, the reason why sudden ideas can come up, which are perhaps only sketchy at first, but from which maybe we can also make something unusual. A sense of well-being could accompany us, even something like happy moods. But it could also be that we are now noticing an unconventional way of acting. And with many of us, the interest in occult topics is now awakening again, one of which is astrology. All this seems to us now particularly interesting.

Saturday, August 29th:

A day of opportunity is upon us. Business and communication, games and general gambling experiences, legal matters, love, and inspirations will be given strong positive support today. From 3:27 pm the longest constellation that will last until tomorrow at the same time will take effect, namely, the positive connection between Mercury and Jupiter, which will come to us with good ideas, and inspiration, business acumen, advantages through laws and authorities, in correspondence, trade, and commerce. The conclusion of a contract could also succeed now. And small advantages in our everyday life by acting wisely. 

Aries horoscope for August
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The negative Jupiter-sun constellation also has an influence on your private life. Be it in your relationship, with friends or relatives – everywhere you encounter misunderstandings and annoyance. 

Taurus horoscope for August
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You currently enjoy life to its fullest and that can be seen by all. You meet the people around you with a friendly and natural smile which makes you seem sympathetic. 

Gemini horoscope for August
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Tensions at work are possible in the coming weeks. Your ideas and suggestions are not always welcome. 

Cancer horoscope for August
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The coming weeks will allow for clear thinking which makes you very goal oriented and consistent. You always know how to approach upcoming problems and how to solve even the most difficult tasks. 

Leo horoscope for August
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Your private life has stormy times in store for you. Even if you enjoy a nice and exciting evening with your partner, the next day might be full of misunderstandings and disputes. 

Virgo horoscope for August
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In case you have just gone through a phase of feeling unwell, you feel better every day now and are getting back to your former strength. Try to incorporate a little more physical exercise into your daily schedule. 

Libra horoscope for August
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You're being put through your paces at work and tested a lot at the moment. However, no-one wants to put obstacles in your way but wants to give you new opportunities. 

Scorpio horoscope for August
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You are about to experience a period full of opportunity and optimism. If you really want to you can excel yourself. 

Sagittarius horoscope for August
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It's really nice to be close to other people. You should enjoy this pleasant atmosphere fully, as everything seems to be feasible. 

Capricorn horoscope for August
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Your health is at peak levels – however, this does not mean that you can become careless. At extremes – whether by binge drinking or excessively strict abstinence – you can easily compromise this healthy balance. 

Aquarius horoscope for August
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You do not have to worry about your health. You are only rarely as free of complaints as you are at the moment. 

Pisces horoscope for August
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Even if you feel great at the moment it doesn't mean that you don't have to test your body anymore. After all, you didn't buy your running shoes just to leave them in the cupboard! 

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