Virgo horoscope for January

Virgo horoscope for January

Others see you as very self-confident
Virgo horoscope for January

Virgo horoscope for January

Others see you as very self-confident

Virgo horoscope for January

Working life

Right now you're not afraid at all of making mistakes. It seems that fate is on your side so you achieve optimal results. But this is actually misleading. So be cautious: if you rely too much on it, you will have to bitterly accept your own delusion. Success will only result from your own real efforts – you cannot count on strokes of luck, because Jupiter and sun don't really support this.

Love and partnership

Others see you as very self-confident. You can interact easily with new people. One the whole you can meet whoever you want. Unfortunately, you quickly become obtrusive and possessive, which scares people off. Singles especially should be cautious when going ‘hunting'.


You are lacking a healthy balance in your life. At times you behave like you have no idea of your limits. But now is not the time to test them - restraint and reflection should be on your personal agenda. Create a reasonable daily schedule for yourself and stick to it consequently. This is the only way to keep healthy.

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