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Cancer horoscope for July

In the coming weeks expect no serious problems
	| Photo: © iStockphoto.com/Aja Koska

Cancer horoscope for July

In the coming weeks expect no serious problems

Cancer horoscope for July

Working life

In the coming weeks you'll be confronted with a lot of work, but with the necessary measure of organization and planning you will be able to easily manage it. It's important that you don't take on too many other things and get your priorities right. You're also spending too much money. Although you have reason to reward yourself, you shouldn't place too much value on material things.

Love and partnership

In the coming weeks expect no serious problems. However, you should pay some attention to your choice of words. Make use of free evenings to finally get together again with your closest friends and take some time for meaningful conversations. Impartial points of view can sometimes be very helpful when trying to solve problems.


You have a lot of energy, but at times you can't channel it in the right way. Jupiter is to blame, since it's in an opposing position to your sun. Your sporting ambitions should not let you forget that your body has its limits and needs time to relax now and then. Why not spend an evening in the sauna and reward yourself with a relaxing massage? In this way you'll regain your inner balance and peace of mind.

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