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Leo horoscope for July

Do only a little sport
| Photo: © iStockphoto.com/den-belitsky

Leo horoscope for July

Do only a little sport

Leo horoscope for July


Do only a little sport. Even if you think you're capable of more, be cautious and pay attention to each and every warning signal from your body. That way you can prevent a minor injury from turning into a tedious and painful one.

Working life

The constellation of Jupiter and your sun is not really beneficial and your everyday life is more exhausting than usual. It can happen that you just don't have a good rapport with people. You feel misunderstood by your colleagues a lot. But also be careful not to accuse and criticize others all the time. Instead, hold a mirror up to yourself and try to get to the bottom of your own behaviour.

Love and partnership

Your usual conflict resolution strategies are exhausted. You are neither able to assert yourself with strong arguments nor think of yourself as actually being in the right. You are tangled up in several contradictions and making others see red a lot. Carefully reconsider your concerns and ask yourself whether discussions like this are really necessary.

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