Taurus horoscope for September

Taurus horoscope for September

A rolling stone gathers no moss
Taurus horoscope for September

Taurus horoscope for September

A rolling stone gathers no moss

Taurus horoscope for September


A rolling stone gathers no moss. Write this down and stick it on your fridge! You are enjoying feeling well and are enjoying life to its fullest, although at times you push it a little too far. Start working on your fitness and your stamina again, because in this way you make provision for the hard times.

Love and partnership

In your private life it's time to clear up any uncertainties and smouldering conflicts. Such arguments are a lot less stressful for you than usual - you perceive them as a chance to reconcile with the people around you and enrich their lives. You should spend the coming weeks with your partner, your family or with your closest friends.

Working life

In your job you're able to leave the annoying and unpleasant tasks behind and are now able to focus on new and interesting ones. If possible, you should provide solutions to uncertainties so that they're not in your way. Thanks to the influence of Jupite on your sun it could be useful to listen to your gut feeling.

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September Horoscope
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