Pisces Monthly Horoscope October

These are the stars for the zodiac sign Pisces in October 2017

Love and partnership

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You are not able to shrug off the vague feeling that someone wants to aggravate you.

People are teasing you a little every now and then and that can get on your nerves. You should take pains not to fly off the handle as there is a great danger of hurting someone who is not involved at all.

Working life

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Caution is recommended with regard to your constellation of Jupiter and the sun.

You probably experience a real emotional roller coaster ride at work in the coming days. The more amicable and pleasant your relations with others are one day, the less satisfying they could turn out to be the next. Try to act in a cool-headed way and pay extra attention to your choice of words.


Horoscope health | Photo: ©
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Even if you are somewhat frustrated or if you're having disagreements with others, don't overdo your fitness programme.

You tend to have an extreme attitude to things and want to force success to happen. In this way you'll just end up annoying others or may sustain injuries.

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