Pisces Monthly Horoscope December

These are the stars for the zodiac sign Pisces in December 2017

Love and partnership

Horoscope Love | Photo: ©
Valentina R. - Fotolia.com

You start your days in an elated mood and are able to fully enjoy life.

You don't even know what negative thoughts are. You feel a positive energy which enables you to finally put ideas and dreams into practice. Now is the time to go on a long journey and literally explore the world.

Working life

Horoscope work | Photo: ©
contrastwerkstatt - Fotolia.com

Currently everything is going well for you.

You are highly motivated and happy at work and the results are excellent. It is important that you finish old things to be able to dedicate yourself to new tasks. But be careful not to take on too many new projects at once. Decide where your strengths best lie.


Horoscope health | Photo: ©
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Although you currently feel energetic and strong it is hard for you to turn the feeling into action.

You really just want to laze around at home. Don't let this current phase pass over without making use of it. Go out and go jogging. Swimming and biking will also do your cardiovascular system some good.

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