Pisces Monthly Horoscope

These are the stars for the zodiac sign Pisces in February 2017

Love and partnership

Horoscope love | Photo: ©
Photocreo Bednarek - Fotolia.com

In the coming weeks you will probably go through an emotional roller coaster ride.

Melancholy thoughts alternate repeatedly with euphoric moments. Be careful not to alienate your closest friends when indulging in daydreams. This is especially true if they are the ones you would ask for comfort and support in difficult times.

Working life

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Your work requires your unconditional attention and concentration at the moment.

Jupiter and the sun are not in harmony – your everyday routine is a lot more exhausting and your tone is more severe than usual. Don't let yourself be ruffled by critical comments but prove that you are able to cope with a heavy workload. It is also possible that a great work opportunity arises from it.


Horoscope Health | Photo: ©
bakharev - Fotolia.com

You need to be careful with your health at the moment.

You tend to overestimate your health and your physical capacity for the time being. Listen to the advice of your doctor and do not put yourself under pressure to succeed. Sometimes less is simply more - remember that when you get on your running shoes or exercise at the gym.

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