Pisces Monthly Horoscope September

These are the stars for the zodiac sign Pisces in September 2017

Love and partnership

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The negative Jupiter-sun constellation also has an influence on your private life.

Be it in your relationship, with friends or relatives – everywhere you encounter misunderstandings and annoyance. Escalations are bound to occur after a certain time. Therefore, you should take the time to discuss the deeper causes of these misunderstandings. As long as you have the courage to admit mistakes and to apologize, every problem can be solved.

Working life

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In the coming weeks you'll be involved in quite a few conflicts.

It can be a dispute with colleagues, but also a lawsuit is possible. Remain cool-headed no matter how complicated the situation seems to be. Don't show off your wounded honour, but rather show yourself ready for compromises. In this way you'll be able to solve the problem much more quickly and make a good impression on impartial observers.


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All these disputes will affect your energy.

If you do a lot of physical exercise, you will be able to reduce your inner tensions. Long walks or sports like swimming and cycling are very helpful in this respect. What is also important: your need for sleep is greater than usual – in any case you should see to that too.

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