Taurus Monthly Horoscope

These are the stars for the zodiac sign Taurus in February 2017

Love and partnership

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You show off your pride quite recklessly and let others suffer as a result.

Even if you are being treated considerately, you react in an oversensitive and vindictive way and blow up easily. Consider what consequences such behaviour might have – that will help you to restrain yourself. You should rather bite your tongue than risk friendship.

Working life

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You can achieve outstanding results – if you manage to hold back at the right time since you are quite impatient and tend to act hastily.

Under the influence of your Jupiter-sun constellation you also have a tendency to be wasteful. Sooner than you think you will have already lost what you had just gained. As long as you behave carefully though you can prevent this from happening.


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You are highly energetic and feel wonderful.

Currently you don't expect any problems – only the ones for which you are responsible yourself. At the moment any kind of pleasure can quickly turn into excessive behaviour since you are very prone to addiction. You need to set up strict rules for yourself. It is better to impose self-sacrifice than continually give in to temptation.

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