Virgo Monthly Horoscope

These are the stars for the zodiac sign Virgo in August 2017

Love and partnership

Horoscope Love | Photo: ©
Olesia Bilkei -

You exude plenty of composure and optimism and do not let yourself get distracted by anyone or anything.

Using these advantages you have all the necessary qualifications for applying yourself to important projects, dreams and wishes. Don't forget about others and remember that friendships need to be cultivated.

Working life

Horoscope work | Photo: ©
stokkete -

Thanks to the favourable constellation of Jupiter and the sun there is a spirit of optimism at work.

If you have experienced past times as rather dull or hectic it is now time to take a deep breath and start new projects. There is a pleasant ambience at work - and even nice contacts afterwards.


Horoscope health | Photo: ©
Lukas Gojda -

You feel alive and kicking and are enjoying a lot of leisure time.

Unfortunately you tend to be a little lazy and let your fitness programme slide from time to time. Use your energy and show everyone that you are not a couch potato. There is a pleasant side effect - you provide for times when you will depend on your body's power reserves.

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