Daily horoscope - 18th April 2016

Leo brings relaxation and Virgo should keep a keen eye on finances today...
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To see a world in a grain of sand and heaven in a wild flower. Hold infinity in the palms of your hand and eternity in an hour.

William Blake

Daily aspects

Timezone: America/Chicago, UTC-06:00

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Moon (Virgo) Square Saturn (Sagittarius)


Obstacles and restraint could appear – combined with melancholy and unhappiness. Regarding relationship you might be no good choice at the moment…

Pluto -> retrograde

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Moon (Virgo) Trine Pluto (Capricorn)


On emotional level you might be in a tender mood, but it could show partial orientation. A sentimental journey… that leads to new frontiers - and implies new dimensions of changing: new aspects on career, change of location, but equally uncontrollable factors.

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Moon (Virgo) Trine Mercury (Taurus)


The trine demands to learn aptitude and wide awakened mind with talents for the arts. Quick-wittedness and reasoning are focussed. You are in the affirmative to welcome improvement and alteration.

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Venus (Aries) Trine Saturn (Sagittarius)


The trigon between Venus and Saturn makes you analytic and diligent. Your feelings are sincere. The characteristics of this aspect are concentration, stamina and honesty. You are of the solid kind and you prefer such correspondences.

Period: approximately 2 days.

April Monday 18th April 2016:

The aspect of Venus and Saturn is effective even more than one day: you are serious, idealistic and maybe slightly quixotic… Primarily your decisions are determined and your attitude shows confidence. You are open-minded and sympathetic toward arts:  These aspects may be interesting for subjects like fine arts, literature, creators, humanities, natural scientists, fashion designers - you are all inspired. You have a keen eye and you are smart.


Today's Saints: Apolonius, Apolonia, Victor(ia), Valdek, Eusebia, Valeria, Valery, Valdo, Valdemar, Valdeko, Valdo, Valto, Parfait, Volmer, Galdino, Dana, Etvilas, Gimante, Flavio, Undine, Ilma, Andrea, Namesis, Jadvida, Laura