Daily horoscope - 12th August 2016

Finally inner calm reaches Virgo's mind and Aries would like to conquer the whole world.
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On earth there is no heaven, but there are pieces of it.

Jules Renard
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Friday, August 12th 2016:

Today’s stars constellation does not show its bright side: For today the order of antagonism must be respected. Irrevocability and irrefutable principles and the list goes on…

05:57: Moon (Sagittarius) Square Venus (Virgo)

For today emotional moments and risky actions are predominating. Inhibitions and tension might appear concerning love matters. Some family problems could occur.

08:51: Moon (Sagittarius) Conjunction Saturn (Sagittarius)

This conjunction could show restrictions and reservation – the state of mind is melancholic and the health is feeble. Perhaps you feel not satisfied with the present situation – a few behave insincere. Inhibitions and hesitations within relationships are to be expected. Estrangements and divorce may occur. In isolation you can depend on yourself, but perhaps abandoned …

11:38: Moon (Sagittarius) Square Neptune (Pisces)

This period reveals dreamy tendencies, passivity, illusions and emotional disturbance - Maybe you feel lost in thoughts and amazing imaginations.

Birthday on August 12th 2016:

Mark Knopfler (* August 12th 1949), Iris Berben (* August 12th 1950) Bruce Greenwood (*1956), André Hamann (*1987), Cara Delevingne (*1992)