Daily horoscope - 22nd January 2016

On 22nd January: Aries is mostly invigorated and Sagittarius is literally best spirited...
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The pursuit of happiness is part of the hope.

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02:15: Moon (Cancer) Trine Mars (Scorpio)

The trigon gives willpower, courage, convinced actions, activity, clarity, open-mindedness, adventurous spirit and veraciousness.

05:00: Mercury (Capricorn) Conjunction Pluto (Capricorn)

This aspect could easily cause the twist of truth. Moreover advantage is benefited when wrong promises would have been made - and finally it would be seen that could have represented no solutions.


12:17: Moon (Cancer) Opposition Mercury (Capricorn)

Spiritual gifts Spiritual gifts are given for today, but serious decisions should be carefully considered. Thoughts are changeable – deviated from the truth. Difficulties may raise the impression of variability and act with precipitation.

12:34: Moon (Cancer) Opposition Pluto (Capricorn)

The opposition may cause discomfort and self-indulgence and lacks of restraint – susceptibility to diseases is given.

14:31: Moon (Cancer) Square Uranus (Aries)

During this phase there might be shown a testy reply and bad-temper is evidently seen. Changeable mood fluctuations could bear problems. Regarding love matters individualism and self-will diffuses reveals pure sensuality or restraint emotion, which could lead to tragic and dramatic development.

Sir Walter Raleigh (†1618; writer, poet, courtrier , explorer); John Vincent Hurt (*1940, actor)  Diane Lane;  (*1965; actress)   

Today's Saints: William, Vincent, Laura;Matthew, Francis, Dominic, Anastasius, Valery,