Daily horoscope - 27th January 2016

On 27th January Aries and Gemini are good at energetic composure!
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Love is..Very few of us are what we seem.

Agatha Christie
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01:33: Moon (Virgo) Square Saturn (Sagittarius)

Obstacles and restraint could appear – combined with melancholy and unhappiness. Regarding relationship you might be no good choice at the moment…

04:09: Moon (Virgo) Trine Mercury (Capricorn)

The trigon demands learning aptitude and wide awakened mind with talents for the arts. Quick wittedness and reasoning are focussed. You are in the affirmative to welcome improvement and alteration.

05:56: Moon (Virgo) Trine Pluto (Capricorn)

On emotional level you might be in a tender mood, but it could show partial orientation. A sentimental journey… that leads to new frontiers - and implies new dimensions of changing: new aspects on career, change of location, but equally uncontrollable factors.

19:10: Moon (Virgo) Conjunction Jupiter (Virgo)

The conjunction between the moon and Jupiter could mean financial increase – accompanied by social success – but maybe too much seduction for pleasure and conviviality. Inventiveness, libido and ambition are in satisfactory condition.

Operating stars:

Wednesday, 27th January:

From 5:13h a.m. - 7: 13h a.m. the moon shaped a sextile together with Mars (which represents energy and creativity), later, from 7:34h a.m. - 9:34h a.m. a square is formed: bad mood anf from 10:11h a.m.  - 12: 11h p.m. appears a trigon with Mercury and implies practicality and is focussed on intectual topics; finally another trigon follows this time it is a combination with Pluto ( deep emotionality).   

Birthdays:  Lewis Carroll ( author, mathematician, photographer †1898); Carlo Giuseppe Verdi (composer †1813);  Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart ( composer †1791)   

Today's Saint: Angela, Julian, Marian