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Daily horoscope - 1st August 2017

Today Gemini should use this time to renew contacts with its family. Cancer is literally in its best spirits.
Daily Horoscope  August 1st 2017 | Photo: (c) EpicStockMedia - fotolia.com

The greater part of our happiness or misery depends on our dispositions and not our circumstances.

Martha Washington

Daily aspects

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Moon → Sagittarius

7:06 am

When the moon changes to the sign of Sagittarius you feel passionate and ardent. You may feel a restless and unsettled mood today. With the moon in the sign of Sagittarius best prerequsites are given for education, for those who are interested in such topics like Philosophy or higher education will experience profound knowledge.

Moon squares Mercury | photo: (c) snedorez - fotolia.com

Moon (Sagittarius) Square Mercury (Virgo)

9:03 pm

Spiritual gifts are given for today, but serious decisions should be carefully considered. Thoughts are changeable – deviated from the truth. Difficulties may arise the impression of variability and act with precipitation.

Moon Trine Mars | Photo: (c) nicoletaionescu - fotolia.com

Moon (Sagittarius) Trine Mars (Leo)

11:33 pm

The trine gives willpower, courage, convinced actions, activity, clarity, open-mindedness, adventurous spirit and voraciousness.

Birthday on August 1st, 2017:

Coolio (*1963), Jesús Méndez (*1984), Yves Saint Laurent (1936 - 2008)