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Virgo horoscope for Thursday, Mar. 19th

Your behaviour is unpleasant and irritable
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Virgo horoscope for Thursday, Mar. 19th

Your behaviour is unpleasant and irritable

Daily aspects

Time Aspects
5:11 AM Moon Square Uranus
6:01 PM Sun ⚹extile Saturn
10:47 PM Sun → Aries - Vernal equinox

Virgo horoscope for Thursday, Mar. 19th

Flirt - love for singles

You know exactly what and who it is you want. As sure as you are about your ambitions, you don't always come across as being very sensitive. Love is hard to find and keeping it even harder. Think of how others might regard you, be imaginative, an attitude that's more certain is likely to have the desired effect.

Working life

A relaxed approach belies the fact that relationships with your work colleagues are proving to be more complicated than you imagined and as a result of small mistakes situations haven't turned out as expected. By lowering such exacting standards problems are avoided that ultimately lead to overall improvements.

Family and friendship

Your behaviour is unpleasant and irritable. Have a good think about whether it’s worth getting upset about certain things. Don’t isolate yourself from friends and family, but try to be more sociable.

Love and partnership

Your changing moods and your unhappiness with yourself are becoming a burden for your relationship. Share your feelings with your partner, this is the only way they can understand you and have the opportunity to positively handle your moods. It would be ideal, if the two of you could find a solution how you can best survive this unpleasant time – maybe go somewhere to get your mind off everything? Maybe some physical exercise together to let off some steam?

Money and finances

The situation is bleak today if you are looking to be successful with money. You will probably receive poor offers and let yourself be carried away into buying things you may soon regret. Don’t try to whitewash the situation, because if success doesn’t happen naturally, it’s no use trying to force it. Learn to limit the losses. The momentary constellation won’t allow much leeway.


If you feel stressed, try improving your attitude towards health as well as what you eat. Junk food is something to avoid and if this is something you indulge in then you want to stop and instead eat healthy foods, in the meantime take a vitamin supplement to boost your energy and stimulate your natural immunity.

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