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Sagittarius horoscope for Friday, Mar. 20th

You feel self-assured, capable of almost anything
| Photo: © iStockphoto.com/ColobusYeti

Sagittarius horoscope for Friday, Mar. 20th

You feel self-assured, capable of almost anything

Daily aspects

Time Aspects
4:04 AM Moon Square Venus
10:00 AM Mars Conjunction Jupiter

Sagittarius horoscope for Friday, Mar. 20th

Love and partnership

Today you should treat yourself and your partner to something really special. Go out! Spend the evening in a romantic restaurant or indulge in a love movie at home. No matter what, remember your relationship can't afford to be without those rare tender loving hours together. The shorter the time together, the more in intense your feelings might possibly be.

Money and finances

Your finances are under a lucky star. A number of good offers are open to you, as well as investment opportunities, if you look for them. It’s easy to lose the overview, but your clarity of mind and self-assurance will help you out. You can decide which option to choose. The chances of monetary success could hardly be better.

Flirt - love for singles

You feel self-assured, capable of almost anything. If there is someone special you have your eye on, you convince them of your intention to get together in a more intimate way. Even if you have not already met someone, you can rely on your charm and naturalness to bring successes in any matters of the heart.

Family and friendship

Go out and enjoy life to the full. You exude an inner calm and spontaneity that others find irresistible, so join in activities with them. Start a new hobby or visit an old friend. Whatever you do, reflect and find out what’s been on your mind.


If you’ve been in the habit of intentionally neglecting sports activities, it’s time to make a positive change. Invigorating your body by taking up some form of exercise is essential for a healthy lifestyle. It's a terrible mistake to ignore and overlook the immense inner drive you presently feel and waste all that energy.

Working life

Anything on your desk that’s been missed you work at and complete. Available also is a unique opportunity to resolve an outstanding issue with a colleague, speaking candidly to them, your constructive approach brings mutual support and cooperation between you and helps forge a far better working relationship.

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