Leo horoscope for Saturday, Mar. 21st

Full of anticipation, choices confronting you are confusing and you're not sure who you want to hug and hold close to your heart

Daily aspects

Time Aspects
7:37 AM Moon → Pisces
3:42 PM Moon Conjunction Mercury
4:57 PM Moon ⚹extile Uranus

Leo horoscope for Saturday, Mar. 21st

Family and friendship

Do you feel like embracing the whole world? Then go ahead and do it. Start off with your friends and family. All those old arguments and problems are forgotten and forgiven, leaving you to concentrate on the important things in life. Share your excess of love and warmth with people who really mean a lot to you.

Money and finances

Don’t waste your time on minor matters. Your business instincts are well honed today, so use them to concentrate on what’s important. Make the investments you need to and profits will soon come your way. Buy yourself something, because these favourable circumstances are truly a reason to celebrate.

Love and partnership

If you are in a steady relationship, you will want to make it permanent. You are getting excited about the idea of belonging to one person and only one person. As long as you don't overwhelm your partner with this attitude it won't be a problem. You can show them how big your love is and share your wonderfully sparkling world with the man or woman of your dreams! You will see, currently nobody can keep you from sharing your happiness.

Working life

Try to remain level headed. As your workload increases, you accomplish tasks with ease and are recognized for your competence. As a direct result you find increasing numbers of colleagues approach you and request your help, wanting to share in your sense of purpose in bringing projects to successful conclusion.

Flirt - love for singles

Full of anticipation, choices confronting you are confusing and you're not sure who you want to hug and hold close to your heart. If you feel that having to be polite and diplomatic causes you problems, there's nothing wrong with letting people know you wish to remain single and don't want a serious relationship.


You’ve lots of pent-up energy, nothing diminishes your enthusiasm and desire for physical activity. Others notice how vibrant you appear, despite this it's still a good idea to take a break, treat your body to a much needed sports massage in order to build your energy reserves for any taxing times that may lie ahead.

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