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Leo horoscope for Sunday, Mar. 22nd

A day like today can mean a total revival for your relationship
| Photo: © iStockphoto.com/alkir

Leo horoscope for Sunday, Mar. 22nd

A day like today can mean a total revival for your relationship

Daily aspects

Time Aspects
8:15 AM Saturn → Aquarius
9:02 AM Mercury ⚹extile Uranus
9:38 PM Moon ⚹extile Venus
9:39 PM Moon Conjunction Neptune
9:52 PM Venus ⚹extile Neptune
10:00 PM Mars Conjunction Pluto

Leo horoscope for Sunday, Mar. 22nd

Money and finances

Even though you feel the world is yours, don’t try to buy it all at once. It’s important not to allow your exuberance take control of your money, so keep the overview of your finances. Think twice about whether a purchase is really necessary.

Family and friendship

Your zest for life is infectious, allowing your family to enjoy your company and open manner. You feel strong enough to do just about anything. Use this positive energy and meet up with friends. Wouldn’t it be nice to plan an excursion for your group?

Flirt - love for singles

Patient and accepting you feel you're able to seduce almost anyone you meet. Don't get too carried away, not everyone is automatically impressed, even if you are friendly. Be selective about who you talk to, take note of reactions you get. Use your intuition, if your intention is to find new love, you're successful.

Love and partnership

A day like today can mean a total revival for your relationship. But your good mood and thirst for action shouldn't render you insensitive to the needs of your sweetheart. There is nothing worse than having a comedian around if one is in a bad mood. Therefore, you should initially figure out what is possible today in accordance with both of your moods. The only thing that is important is that it is a shared activity. Going out for a fancy dinner or cooking something yourselves, going to the movies or to the theatre or playing games … make use of your fantasy.


Feeling full of energy, you're physically fit and mentally in great shape. Provide any excess pent-up energy with an outlet, by going jogging, perhaps with a group of friends. The best thing to do is simply listen to your body, discover what it is that makes it feel so good. This way you increase your health even more.

Working life

Your career is in overdrive. Regardless of how many projects you undertake, you ultimately succeed in accomplishing all of them. Equally you might take some time out or if possible stop working altogether for a while. This gives you the ability to consider your options, plan new projects and get your thoughts in order.

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