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Gemini horoscope for Tuesday, Mar. 10th

Your social life is due to suffer some turbulence
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Gemini horoscope for Tuesday, Mar. 10th

Your social life is due to suffer some turbulence

Daily aspects

Time Aspects
3:29 AM Moon Trine Saturn
5:03 AM Moon → Libra

Gemini horoscope for Tuesday, Mar. 10th


Your body needs special attention and your nerves are on edge too. Everything that excites you endlessly is not always worth your attention. Strengthen your body's resistance and make sure to get plenty of sleep and rely on both for a bit longer. When eventually you do relax you enjoy it more intensely than ever.

Family and friendship

Your social life is due to suffer some turbulence. You feel put down by friends and family or even get into arguments with them. Take a critical look at yourself - perhaps you are asking too much of your loved ones. Hold back a little and resolve the issues by talking to them instead of trying to have your own way all the time.

Flirt - love for singles

A tendency to rush into romance scares off potential candidates for your love. Such a forceful approach can have an adverse effect on the person you desire. If you're not looking for rejection, try to develop a gentler and serene attitude, then those you meet find you to be a far more attractive proposition to date.

Love and partnership

If you are experiencing a bit of turmoil in your relationship at the moment, don't always automatically assume your partner is responsible for it. Make sure not to put your personal stress or the stress from your professional life on your partner. Go and create a shared oasis of serenity and calmness and take time for each other. In this way you will bring about a return of positive excitement in your relationship.

Working life

Your career faces unexpected obstacles which aren't easily overcome. Your work performance is scrutinized much more rigorously than usual. Hesitation does not help, rid yourself of nagging doubts before they get out of hand. You'll soon feel more comfortable and not constantly have to look over your shoulder.

Money and finances

Even if you are receiving tempting offers on how to invest profitably, bide your time. You may not know all the facts, there might be a catch or a nasty surprise waiting, or an inconvenient coincidence will ruin your investment. Patience is a virtue, and this is particularly true for money transactions.

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